Tania Nijhawan

Tania Nijhawan

Director, Fork N Spoon Unit of Nijhawan Group


With over 40 years of experience in India, Nijhawan Group is one of the leading travel conglomerates and has vastly diversified entities within the Travel Industry. Nijhawan Group has a history of successful business partnerships with leading airlines and hotels. In fact, the company has successfully represented British Airways for 34 years, and has decades with an array of major international airlines. Nijhawan Group also represents top hotels chain across the world. We are the largest B2B portal under the name of Travel Boutique Online and our network is in 72 countries.

Dr. Tania Nijhawan, Director, Nijhawan Group has completed her BDS (Bachelors of Dental Science) from Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital specializing in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry. She is responsible for the retail and hospitality vertical of the group as well. In just three years she has grown the retail business to 24 stores.

Food Sector doesn’t face the challenge of digitalization and hence forth, Nijhawan Group has diversified into the food sector, under the name of Fork N Spoon.

It represents a new wave of catering services that transcends a life event into a surreal experience of a lifetime, having handled more than 1000 events. In a short span of three years Fork N Spoon has become a brand in itself. The innovative and enthusiastic culinary artists are constantly involved in managing up to 5000 people in one event. The retail and food sector have 250+ employees and so the number in the group swells up to 1200.

Fork N Spoon founder, Dr. Tania Nijhawan believes that individual characteristics are important but what’s more important is to bring a bigger and more experienced team. Everyone wants to succeed in their businesses, want to deliver their best quality products, and excellent services, for delighting their clients. For that, a company’s teams are their backbone for it. Businesses need strong teams that work smartly, with excellence. Without the talented team, you’re just the walking dead without motor skills to go where you want to go.

Keeping with this innovative approach Nijhawan Group which has a common set of traits that foster excellence, productivity and camaraderie. In this ever changing industry scenario of rapid digitization, food industry has its own discourse of hard work.

• Most innovative Caterers in 2015 by Wedding Mantra
• India Hospitality Award in 2016 (Best Catering Company)
• Ravishing Design Awards 2017
• Best promising partner in 2017 by Benetton
• Best Gender Diversity in Adidas
• Achievement in Impossible is Nothing, 2012 by Adidas