Tahani Aburaneh – Canada


Tahani Aburaneh

Founder and CEO at Savvy Investor Agent


A true heroine, having traversed a path riddled with setbacks, this passionate and focused woman has risen from humble beginnings to over come the odds and transform her life. Born in the Middle East, Tahani was raised in a refugee camp faced with adversity from an early age that would have defeated many. Despite her circumstances, her entrepreneurial spirit struck when she was very young and her drive and creativity inspired her to venture into various projects. The sheer strength of Tahani’s self-belief enabled her to see continued success when she immigrated to Canada. There she broke gender taboos by emerging as a highly accomplished figure in a traditionally male dominated industry and becoming the female role model that ambitious woman so often seek. Regardless of what she does, Tahani Aburaneh’s determination stems from the clarity in her driving force, which is to make positive transformations (in lives, businesses, and land). Tahani is the founder of the Elite Real Estate Agent Training SIAC (Savvy Investor Agent Certification). SIAC is Canada’s first investor-agent training that’s taught by an agent for agents. At SIAC agent will learn comprehensive investor-niche
strategies, tactics, and methodologies, so that they can attract a constant flow of clients, differentiate themselves from other agents, and exponentially increase their income. Tahani is also the author of the ‘Savvy Investor Agent Guide’ as well as ‘Real Estate Riches Book’, which is ranked on Amazon’s real estate bestsellers list. In accordance with her drive to contribute, 100% of the proceeds from Real Estate Riches Book are donated to care.org, an organization that fights poverty in third world countries with an emphasis on women. As a keynote speaker, Tahani has spoken across North America, channeling the same conquering spirit that lead to her present day successes to ignite the passions of tens of thousands of people with her story and expertise. Some of her speaking clients have included: The Real Estate Investing Network (REIN), Inspiring Women Event, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor Forum, Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investing Summit, eWomen Network and more. She has shared stages with other prominent people in the real estate, motivation and entrepreneurial industries including Don R Campbell, Debbie Travis, Tosca Reno, Bruce Croxon (Dragon’s Den) and David Chilton (The Wealthy Barber). The true value of Tahani’s success story is not in singing the merits of achieving accolades or being the recipient of many awards. Rather, her story should be seen as a true demonstration of how every average individual can achieve financial independence. She reveals the “human side” of real estate. Tahani’s life is a powerful testimony illustrating how being focused on helping others and living your passion can reward you more than you can image.