Sushmita Shekhar – India

Sushmita Shekhar

Sushmita Shekhar

President My Anchor


Sushmita Shekhar, a post graduate in English from Patna University, has over 27 years of experience in the industry, international organizations and development sector.

She has a Diploma in Urban Town Planning from the Human Settlement Management Institute (HSMI), New Delhi and a Certification Course in Enhancement of Managerial Capability from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow.

She is the President of MA. My Anchor Foundation an NGO working in development sector in India. The focus areas are :

i. Water and sanitation

ii. Education & capacity building

iii Conservation of Heritage and Environment

iv. Intergrated Community Development

She is Senior Consultant to REC Power Distribution Company Ltd. (A ‘Navratana’ Company and Government of India Enterprise)

She is an Independent Director of Kajaria Ceramics Ltd and heads the CSR Committee.

She is an Independent Director and member of CSR & Remuneration Committees of the Board of Director of Ginni International Ltd.(GIL).
She is an Honorary Member of BRICS Chamber of Commerce Industry and Member of Expert Panel for CSR Center at BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

She is member of Dessicant Rotors International’s Internal Committee for handling complaints with respect to Sexual harassment in work place.

She is contributing to many social causes and is associated with Sapna. Sushmita is also life member of INTACH and works for conservation of heritage.

She was consultant to Blackberrys, Gurgaon, one of India’s leading premium fashion brands.

She has served as the Secretary General of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a multi-state apex organization that is a catalyst in the promotion of industry, trade and entrepreneurship, playing a leading role in policy advocacy, positively impacting the economic growth and development of the nation.
She was the Senior Vice President of Sulabh International Social Service Organization, an internationally renowned and one of the largest NGOs involved in onerous task of improving environmental sanitation, eradication of scavenging, along with rehabilitation of scavengers in India and abroad. She was responsible for overseeing all projects, liaison with government, corporates and international agencies, and as well as developmental work throughout India as well as other countries in South Asia including Afghanistan.

She was a Member of the UN Task Force – Millennium Development Committee for water and sanitation as one of the global experts representing the needs of people from their respective regions. She represented South Asia region in the Task Force and contributed in writing the recommendations for MDG.

Sushmita has been member of the Task Force on Tenancy Rights, Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India and the Vikram Sarabhai Foundation among others. She has also written many articles on social causes for leading newspapers, international journals and also a book titled – Tales from Hindu Mythology She has fair amount of experience in advertising and marketing and had established her own organisation.

She has undertaken a project for Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India in Afghanistan for a sanitation & hygiene which entailed training, creating awareness and construction of toilets and biogas digesters.

She has been a member of National Tourism Advisory Council, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

She was awarded by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Kabul Municipality expressing appreciation for her work in the field of environment, sanitation, promoting school heath, hygiene and safety in that country. She has also been a recipient of the Desh Sri Environmental award, Sri Lanka.

She was a member of State Supervisory Board, Department of Health, Government of Uttar Pradesh. She was also a Visiting Professor – Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi – YMCA and was a Visiting Expert for Center for Science and Environment, New Delhi.