Susanne Moore – Australia


Susanne Moore

CEO, Ambidio & Centre for Gender Economics


Susanne is the Founder and Chair of The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation and is credited with developing the emerging fields of Gender Economics (macro) and Diversity Economics (organisational). Now a Sociologist after a career in ICT and business, she has a focus on Gender, innovation and performance at an organisational level and as well as consulting, she is conducting a research project on ‘The Profit Impact of Organisational Gender Diversity programs”. She brings a practical business experience coupled with academic rigour to her consulting practice around Gender Economics.

An advocate for the advancement of women in leadership, she developed the Diversity Program Review Framework (DPRF) in 2012, a diagnostic which measures both the program’s standalone effectiveness from a program management perspective, and assesses the viability of program’s data for further research in Diversity Economics and as input into organisational profitability and sustainability creating the next generation of Business Transformation.

She has most recently edited and authored the first book on Gender Economics, “Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics” which is due for release in July 2015. She is an in demand international speaker on gender, diversity and gender economics.

Susanne is passionately interested in equality, equity, truth and justice and how these attributes can improve business performance through transforming business ideologies and shifting traditional business paradigms.

She is an articulate, professional, entertaining and thought provoking speaker follow her @susannemoore or @gendereconomics