Susanne D.P. Witte – Canada


Susanne D.P. Witte

Transformational Coach


Susanne Witte is a transformational coach. Her favorite work is to make people aware in her seminars about GRATITUDE and the power of your thoughts and actions. Her background is social work and marketing which she studied in Berlin Germany. With over 15 years network and event experience Susanne is very well connected and loves to connect people. Susanne is experienced in the outreach field and media world. She published several articles in Magazines, been interviewed on radio and TV. She is active involved in the community helping shelters and homeless. Being on festivals with her art and helping a well with volunteer work in community events. Susanne is also an active board member of the Virsa a south Asian culture foundation. Susanne is a Law of Attraction coach who successful has committed her life to empower people. She is a coach, mentor, motivational speaker, artist business woman, mom and lover of life. She is simply a very positive being.