Surabhi Agarwal


Surabhi Agarwal

Partner at Tavolozza

Kolkata, India

Surabhi is an upcoming self-taught artist. Born in 1976 in Kolkata, India, she graduated from University of Canberra,Australia in Management Sciences in 1998. Playing mandolin and painting was always a passion for this avid reader and traveler.
Around 2012 she took up art as therapy and found it as a medium for expressing her innermost feelings and creating poetry on canvas. She dexterously infuses Indian aesthetics into contemporary art, providing intricate details to human form and portraits; emphasizing on emotions, light and reflections.
Over the years she has participated in many group shows, curated shows and displayed her works in major art festivals in Kolkata. She cofounded an online art boutique; Tavolozza; which promotes upcoming female artists. Her endeavors have been well covered by media, both online and offline.

Though Surabhi is yet to showcase her art outside the city; her paintings adorn the walls of major cities around India and USA.