Sunaina Bihani


Sunaina Bihani

MD at Pulse Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Kolkata, India

Sunaina’s business acumen comes from her family in Hyderabad who are largely into biotechnology, construction and dairy products. She obtained her diploma from the Institute Villa Pierffu (finishing school) Switzerland. Sunaina is currently married in Kolkata into a family who are involved in education with zee education network and the steel business as the oldest associate of Tata steel for over 80 years.

Coming from an established business background, Sunaina does not see the commercial aspect of her dream; the business that demands attention to intricate and sensitive information, backed by a life changing decision for its customers and to ensure routine follow-ups in Clinical procedures, the challenge truly lies in the Center!

In the normal course of activity, one would imagine that the task of a director is to perhaps oversee the business, what if that overseeing involves HR Management and design, Quality Control & Management, Patient convenience; such is the passion for a better world.

Her humility and patience have ensured that almost 90% of her staff has stayed back since its inception and Pulse is the youngest known center to receive the prestigious NABL (ISO 15189:2007) award.

Sunaina also happens to be the co-director at Care Fertility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and is managing the center by looking into decisive verticals of administration, finance, marketing etc with two other doctors as partners, both being specialized doctors (Dr Rajeev Agarwal: gynecologist and Dr. Mukesh Sirohia radiologist) The three of them met 10 years back, although from different back grounds, they joined hands to form Care Fertility Solutions because any good IVF Center requires a good gynecologist a good radiologist and a good lab. Care IVF was formed in 2005 and by 2015 it moved to a 6500 sq ft area which has a non clinical aesthetic and modern outlook which again serves the unseen purpose of making its client feel more at home and if this was not enough, then, they also run an NGO called LEAF, (learning and educating about fertility foundation) where free treatment is done for infertile people.

In challenging fields like these, one wonders if there is a reason to smile at the end. The answer is yes, with a simple heart and forward looking mindset, her personal vision for Pulse is to ensure that every single person, be it a staff or a patient, walks out with a smile, after all in a complicated world of medicines and clinical procedures, A SMILE IS THE BEST MEDICINE!