Sujaya Mohan walia

Sujaya Mohan walia

Founder, Sue’s Yogi Kettle


Purity is at the heart of everything she embarks on, it is the bedrock on which she has founded Sues Yogi Kettle, SYK, that combines her passion for natural living, the purest spices from the bounties of South India and the freshest herbs from the Himalayan foothills, sustainable health practices, ancient wisdom of food and the result is pure magic; Sue’s invigorating and rejuvenating Tisanes and herbal infusions are a wealth of herbal wellness lovingly created to warm your body and heart alike. She lovingly calls them her cup of gold!

Sujaya Walia is a wellness enthusiast who taps into her wellspring of experience and deep understanding of health, combines her rigorous training from her stint in the Hospitality, Human Resources and Communication industry and various segments within the corporate and public sectors to hone her awareness and apply that knowledge and finesse to her nourishing brews.

Sujaya has also spent time in understanding rejuvenation and health for people living with chronic ailments at the famous Kaivalyadham Ashram run by Shri O.P. Tiwari, one of the world’s leading authorities in pranayama.

A trained yoga instructor, a certified NLP practitioner who has successfully worked under the able guidance of Lee Majewski working with therapeutic Yoga for oncology patients is also a loving mother to two young boys and she strives for and attains perfect balance in both her life and in her enriching infusions.
With myriad interests which include traveling across the globe with her husband and children, a charming smile always lighting up her eyes, the creation of SYK is a crafted with her love and passion for health and wellbeing in equal measure.