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Sujay Paul

Sujay Paul - WEF - North East - Guwahati - Assam - India - 2018

Sujay Paul

Managing Director, Global Growth Consultancy, London, United Kingdom Director, Global Growth Academy,Assam


Sujay Paul is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Multi Business Owner, Expert in the 7 elements of wealth, Financial Freedom Strategist, Motivational Speaker, NLP Certified Practitioner, Life and a Business Coach. He is originally from Guwahati, North East India and settled in London, United Kingdom. He does motivational and mindset workshops all across the globe. Along with the proven tools, techniques and strategies, he has already touched many souls and has helped people to overcome any kind of issues, be it in relationships, health, wealth, career and studies. He strongly criticizes the fact that there is no focus on self-development in most of the institutions either academic or professional. He strongly believes that along with academic qualification, corporate workers, entrepreneurs, students and today’s youth need to be taught on self-development so that they know from an early age about their self-limiting beliefs, their strengths, their weaknesses, how to set goals and eventually how to overcome all kinds of fears to live a life according to their norms and at their best.
Having worked with some of the largest multinational companies like Dell Computers, Convergys, Accenture, Evolv in sales and training and personally owning so many projects under his belt, Sujay takes you through a unique systematic approach to business, personal and educational psychology and performance, so that you can have a real working knowledge of how to apply it instantly to your own business and personal life, enabling you to create the wealth, financial freedom and the personal life that you wish to have and deserve.
He is a member of Rotary International. He is associated with many organisations who work towards the underprivileged. His ultimate mission of life is to open a school for the orphans in the northeast region of India where he wants to emphasize on the right attitude, approach and mindset towards life. His dream is to teach children that it really does not matter how rich or poor you are born as, what matters is how you live it and that you have the capacity to be anything and everything provided you have the right mindset.