Sonu Mittal

Sonu Mittal - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Sonu Mittal

Founder and CEO Fables

Gurugram, India.

From College to ‘fables’, as the name implies, it’s a long story. But one that cuts across cultures, places, diverse markets and even more diversified experiences.

In 1989 I started work as an Account Executive with Speer Communications, Bangalore (then a division of FCB Ulka). It was welcome to a world of ‘Madvertising’ in the city of my choice! Perfect. Living on my own, enjoying my dream until parents stepped in to play their role and alter the dream! I got married and boom went Bangalore.

I was back in Delhi and soon after in, believe it or not, Moscow in 1992! Post Perestroika and a period of historical change that saw the Soviet Union /USSR crumble and Russia emerge. A period of turbulence but also of tremendous opportunity for global companies and brands. For me, it was shock and awe in a new country, hostile weather, and no language skills. But once I had grasped enough conversational Russian, I went to work for Young & Rubicam (then the world’s largest Agency). Working on international brands – Kraft Jacob’s Suchard, Tetrapak, LG, Danone and others.

After six years and armed with the experience of a lifetime, I moved to the shores of New Jersey, on the other side of the world. By then, my entrepreneurial streak had taken root and the US facilitated the journey..

With my husband, I set up ‘fables in décor’ in 2001 – and started a business of importing high end home décor items from India into the US. The collection was niche and the segment – South Western US. Within 3 years, we had over 250 clients from boutique owners in Aspen to Ranches in Montana. The business was exciting and the potential for growth certain.

But, back home, our parents were lonely and dealing with serious health issues. My husband & I decided to prioritize, and took the call to return to India. We understood that while the business can relocate, parents can’t.

Coming home after 12 years, was no small challenge. But we were used to change!
We settled down in Gurgaon, and I leveraged my communications background to set up ‘fables’ in early 2007. Very soon my well-rounded experience in dealing with international clients and my ability to tell their story helped me create a niche.
Since then, fables has been focused on providing high quality design, branding, printing and innovative corporate gift solutions to design conscious clients. Right from the start, we have been associated with some of the world’s biggest brands and companies and our clients include – PepsiCo India, IFC, Pernod Ricard, Apollo Tyres, Akzo Nobel, Scholastic, Jubilant Life Sciences amongst others.

fables, home and two creative daughters inspire me with all the confidence and enthusiasm I need to keep the aspidistra flying.