Sonia Mbarek

Sonia Mbarek

PhD in Political Science, Professor & Researcher, The Higher Institute of Musicology


Managerial skills:

Leadership (responsible for a team of more than four hundred in successive functions in Tunisia).
At the initiative of a law on the status of the artist in Tunisia, with a group of Tunisians lawyer’s expert and artists, as well as the development of a participatory culturefor the renewal of the cultural policy, development and enhancement of skills of the Tunisian Ministry of Culture under thesecond republic during the tenure as Minister of Culture.

Conferences and research work, publications

2018The status of the musician in Tunisia: State of play of musical politics, Paris, Harmattan edition 310 p (in French)
2017 Strategic Study Tunisia 2025 -Expert-member of the Culture and Education Committee in the Tunisia Strategic Study 2025 (Tunisian Institute of strategic Studies)
2017 Music in society and its role in enhancing dialogue between people (Sheikh Ibrahim Center of research and culture in Bahrein)
2017 The status of the musician in Tunisia: State of cultural and artistic policy Sociologic Approach. Faculty of Law and political Sciences of Tunis (PhD in Political Sciences)
2014: Paper in Copyright entitled «Strategies for the Protection of the Rights of the musician.
2012: Paper in Art Sociology entitled «The role of the artist in heritage preservation (Bardo Museum.)
2010: Paper in Cultural Sociology entitled «The role of the musician for interculturalism ” (Japan Institute TODA for World Peace.)
2004: Paper in Art Sociology and artistic practices entitled «Contemporary art and creative imagination» (Tunisian Academy of Humanities and Arts of Sciences ” Beit el Hekma “)
2000 The theory of clash of civilizations by Samuel Huntington: Analysis and criticism (Faculty of Law and political Sciences of Tunis -DEA Politic Sciences)