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Somaye Dehban


Somaye Dehban

CEO at Lattice Consultancy


Somaye Dehban is a serial entrepreneur and a fundraising consultant, specializing in supporting NGOs and Universities to become self-sustaining by setting up and strengthening their development and fundraising departments. Her motto is “sharing is power”, whether that be knowledge or skills. Somaye was born and raised in Tehran, Iran where she obtained an associate degree in Mathematics in Computer Sciences. She has a BA from University College Utrecht with a focus on Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology, which allows her to approach and analyze problems from many different angles. With an MA in Comparative Women’s Studies in Culture and Politics from Utrecht University, her education prepared Somaye to work in diverse situations and contexts. As the CEO of Lattice Consultancy, Somaye facilitates networking opportunities between SME business-owners, investors and entrepreneur in the Netherlands and Iran. Somaye’s work-values are equality, inclusion and diversity and she works with clients and on projects which have a social and environmental impact, where transparency and sustainability are cross-cutting matters. In 2007, Somaye co-authored an article for World Council of Gifted and Talented Children with a focus on “Tomorrow’s Research Leaders”.