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Snigdha Mishra

SNIGDHA MISHRA - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Snigdha Mishra

Founder – Director @ LifeSurfers. Psychotherapist

New Delhi,India

Snigdha is the Founder & Director of LIFE SURFERS and an experienced Psychotherapist and Mental Wellness & Behaviour Trainer- Coach in Delhi/NCR, empanelled with MNC Consultancies for Training & Coaching. She is empanelled as an Employee Assistance Program Specialist with India’s finest EAP Service providers. She is also a facilitator and Psychotherapist with Morphic Minds, Albert Ellis Institute, New York, Affiliated Training Centre, Nagpur. She has training and expertise in Cognitive and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapies, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Therapy. Snigdha has training in CBT from The Beck Institute, Philadelphia, USA and is a certified Corporate Social Responsibility Trainer from Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India.
She trains and facilitates therapists and psychologists in Counselling and Therapy Skills. She is adept at utilizing her expertise in human relationships for designing workshops and training programs, with an emphasis on behaviour and life skills development. As a corporate trainer and facilitator, she inspires professionals to capitalise on change and grow beyond their perceived potential by adopting new skills, behaviours, and mind-sets. She has enabled groups and individuals to explore and learn new strategies for effective life
(professional /personal) management and is well versed with social & cultural issues.
She specialises in Depression & Anxiety Management, Anger Management, Relationship and Marital Counselling, Feminist Counselling, Stress Management along with other Adult Life issues. She works in areas of Soft Skills and Communications Skills; Interpersonal communication; Emotional intelligence for optimal performance; Body Language and Interpreting Behaviours, Stress-free living; Work- life balance; Time Management; Life Skills; Presentation skills and Public Speaking;Problem Solving; Overcoming Procrastination; Assertiveness Training; Personal Change and Management
She runs her expert flagship sessions on Self Esteem; Self Worth; Personal Development Programs for women.