Silvia Susana Chus

Silvia Susana Chus

Exporting Industrial Businesswoman


Co-Founder of the company Alfajores Cielos Pampeanos, listed Premium Gourmet for the quality of its raw materials. Their product are sold in the domestic and international markets: Brazil, Chile, Peru and Bolivia
Integrates the Department of Women in the Industrial Union of the Province of Buenos Aires
Her company was certified with Country Brand (2009-2018) by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, for its exports in Latin America, considered a “success story”
Company selected to participate in the “G20 Summit”. For its taste and quality, it was one of the main attractions at the International Press Center
Cielos Pampeanos, is part of the 1800 companies of the world, which signed the Principles of Empowerment of Women (WEPs) applied to the Win-Win program, created jointly with ONU Women, The Global Compact, The ILO and the Association of the European Union, to contribute to the advancement of the 2030 agenda and the objectives of sustainable development (SDG) – 04/11/2019
Represented Argentine Women Entrepreneurs at ONU Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, under the Win-Win program “Gender equality is a good business”, at the 7th Forum of Women Entrepreneurs in San Pablo, Brazil ( 2018)
In 2017, she received a recognition in the Honorable Senate of the Nation for his outstanding participation in the “International Day for Peace”
She was awarded Internationally as “Great Women 2019” in the Honorable Senate of the Argentine Nation, for her work as an entrepreneur
She received the recognition as “Woman Entrepreneur” by the President of the Argentine Nation and the Director of the Development for Women, on the DAY OF THE INDUSTRY, at Casa Rosada
Speaker in National and International Forums and Congresses
She integrates the “IDEAPYME” network. Promoting the development of good practices, productivity, financial and technological advice
In her continuous work of Giving Value, she is part of the Commission of the Agroindustry Secretary of the Nation for the development and elaboration of the “Alfajor Protocol” that will give many entrepreneurs the opportunity to CERTIFY the “Argentine Food Stamp”
Participates in entities and organizations that promote the development, training and growth of “Women Entrepreneurs” strengthening the formation of networks and cooperation between women-led companies
Contributes to the educational training of young professionals, providing his business experience in undergraduate and graduate degrees at major universities. UADE- UCA- UBA
Promotes and strengthens Collaboration Agreements between the public and private sector, oriented to the Development of Actions that promote Labor Equality within the scope of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, reducing the wage gap between women and men. In charge of the coordination of the Strategy for Gender Equality of the City Government, Argentina
2019 Awarded in the Women Economic Forum in Cartagena of India by its Director, Harbeen Arora, as “EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE” an international distinction to the business trajectory and contribution to gender equity

2019 La Municipalidad de Lomas de Zamora, a través de su Intendente Martin Insaurralde, la distingue como Orgullo de Ser de Lomas por su trayectoria como empresaria y por el aporte brindado a la comunidad en todos estos años

The Municipality of Lomas de Zamora, through its Mayor Martin Insaurralde, distinguishes her as “Pride of Being from Lomas” for her career as an entrepreneur and for the contribution given to the community in all these years