Shruti Nandagiri

Shruti Nandagiri

Mental Health Advocate & Soft Skills Trainer


Shruti Nandagiri is a 22-year-old mental health advocate and change-maker who aims to break the stigma around mental health and create a world where people can openly converse about their mental health battles, gain support, and fight them with more confidence.

She represented India at the Youth of United Nations General Assembly (YOUNGA 2021) through BridgingTheGap Ventures, where she actively contributed to UN SDGs 3 and 4. Therein, she also founded an initiative ‘VoiceOut Squad’—a safe platform for YOUNGA Delegates across the world to voice out their mental health struggles and also talk about ‘why they advocate for mental health.’

She held the position of the President at ‘The Mental Health Society’, wherein she organised a global summit on mental health that featured speakers from UNICEF, the World Economic Forum, Harvard University, & Fortune 500 companies. This organisation also bagged the runner-up position at ‘The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards, India.’

She had also been a speaker at more than 15+ conferences and 5+ podcasts over the last year, where she spoke about breaking the taboo and creating awareness on mental health.

Having worked over the past 3+ years in various leadership roles, she continues to engage with numerous organisations as a soft skills trainer and a mental health coach.