Shivi Dua


Shivi Dua

Healer, Trainer and Author


Shivi Dua is a healer, trainer and author. She has more than 15 years of experience in energy healing. She is the founder of the healing modality called Serenity Surrender (SS). SS is a way of the holistic study of the self that believes in being able to live the present moment in the most liberating way by rediscovering one’s connection with the divine. It enables one to find their true potential by understanding the self through their life situations.
SS has developed into a small movement consisting of twenty workshops and thousands of pages of spiritual ruminations. Apart from SS workshops, Shivi has also authored three self-help books to spread her spiritual knowledge perfected by long hours of working on herself and others. Her books are:
Let the Power be with You (publisher Wisdom Tree)
Let Go Mom… I will be fine (publisher Wisdom Village Publications)
Eternity (publisher Notion Press)

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