Shirley Whing Chow

Shirley Whing Chow

Social-emotional Intelligence Coach, Author, Fine Voices Founder


Shirley Whing Chow is a double agent on a mission to help young voices unravel their unique gifts to the world. Iconic British pianist Sir Graham Johnson described her as ‘a colleague, and a most accomplished one…’ With an M.Mus. in Piano Accompanying from the College-Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati, Shirley has dedicated three decades to coaching and performing in academia, opera companies, master classes and concert stages across the U.S., Canada, Austria, Italy, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

From 2007 to 2019, a love affair with tens of thousands of children and teenage performers she managed in Hong Kong revealed her true calling. Witnessing the ill effects of stress and anxiety on their developing brains and compromised emotional well-being, she transitioned from an opera coach-pianist and musical producer to a vocal coach and Social-Emotional Learning genie. Filled with nutty jokes, Social-emotional Learning techniques and NLP, Shirley derived a method of teaching singing and storytelling which has not only produced stellar results for her students in competitions, auditions and music exams, but it has also infused emotional sunshine in children hindered by Social Anxiety Disorders, stress and learning impairments.

To promote emotional wellness and female empowerment, Shirley volunteers for different NGOs as a vocal coach and has produced fundraising concerts like The Magic of Dedication(2017) and The Wonder in Every Woman(2018). Joining the global mental health conversation, Shirley presented her speech ‘Your Voice Matters’ at the Women Economic Forum in L.A. in 2018. She was awarded Iconic Woman for Creating a Better World for All.

In 2019, Shirley established Shirley Whing & Fine Voices Co. Ltd., became a certified SEI Coach at the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence(ISEI), and wrote the chapter Resilience Rhapsody for Amazon Bestseller Ignite Your Life for Women. Furthermore, she spoke about subconscious programming at the 13th Symposium of the World Academy for the Future of Women at Sias University in China. Besides directing the the 1st NMCC International Music Competition – HK Regional and adjudicating at the Macua semi finals, Shirley has also supported the Inaugural PhilanthroKids Giving Tuesday Awards Ceremony as an event partner, speaker and judging committee member.

Shirley has performed and arranged music for the movie The War at Home. She has also coached singers for the 2020 blockbuster The Rescue. Dedicated to advocating SEI education worldwide, Shirley has joined the Ellamo Foundation Advisory Board and is becoming a Jack Canfield Trainer in 2020.

‘The brain may be the quarterback, but it is emotional wholeness and social connections which give us the winning coach and cheering fans.’ – Shirley Whing Chow.