Shenal Arimilli, BA, MPT

Shenal Arimilli, BA, MPT

Transformational Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author, Founder UHT


Shenal’s signature approach to transforming lives masterfully couples science and spirituality with personal and professional development. Her transformational process converges the science of physiology, neuroscience, and psychology with the magic of quantum physics to create quantum leaps in transforming lives. Her spiritual depth and intuition facilitate the return to one’s true essence, bringing forth a whole new meaning to reintegrating MIND-BODY-LIFE and BEYOND™.

She passionately devotes her time to awakening, inspiring, empowering and guiding individuals to reclaim their power to live an abundant life – health, wealth, love and joy. She stands to believe that anything is possible.

As a bio-energetic consultant, entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator in life transformation, Shenal works with clients globally, transforming lives by teaching powerful techniques to co-create miracles.

Shenal graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology and received her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. After years of clinical practice she climbed the corporate ladder in Hospital Management and Administration as Director of Clinical Services before beginning her entrepreneurial journey doing what she loves and touching lives worldwide!

Her extensive postgraduate training coupled with her personal journey of healing and life transformation are the cornerstones of her work. She is a thought leader and visionary, pushing the envelope for change and leading individuals to activate their full potential.