Sheila Gemin


Sheila Gemin

President PWN Amsterdam


Starting as a management consultant for Capgemini Ernst & Young she later moved into recruiting and executive development. Currently, she is an independent leadership coach at Nyenrode Business University. Besides that, she is the founder and chairman of The Cycling Academy a foundation aiming at training and coaching amateur endurance athletes working from 6 locations in The Netherlands. Professionally she thrives on connecting and developing people.

In her opinion, successful organizations are built on vision, perseverance, mutual trust and collaboration. She has been successful in building high-performance teams in professional and athletic environments. As part of her professional interests, she is conducting a research on the correlation between sport background of leaders and the performance of their organisation.

Sheila holds degrees in Information and Communication Technology and Executive Coaching. In her spare time, if is she is not occupied with her family, she is preparing for a triathlon, playing golf, watching Starwars or reading Tolkien.