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Shay Allie


Shay Allie

Partner at Aly Hulme Associates

United Kingdom (UK)

Shay is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of multiple businesses. She has established a long and successful career as a barrister and is a partner in Aly Hulme Associates. Alongside her legal practice, she works as a CEDR accredited mediation trainer, speaker, radio host, coach, author and occasional jazz vocalist. Her coaching & legal talents allow her to bring empathy to the world of law, and to empower her clients to live life always embodying the highest and best version of themselves. She is equally passionate about helping other professionals to increase their emotional intelligence and treat their clients with empathy. To that effect, she has trained over 200 professionals worldwide to boost these skills, in her work as a mediation trainer. Shay is also the co-founder of Inspireā€™d, which provides a platform for people to share their wisdom, focusing on raw, authentic and deep talks.