Shaillee Chopra

Shaillee Chopra

Chief Global Strategy Officer, Empower Billion Women (EBW)


Shaillee is a technology and operations optimization advisor specializing in developing and managing innovative services portfolios for health systems and service collaboratives. She is highly experienced in leading transformation solutions that generate measurable value and create performance excellence.

Recognized as a national expert in business innovation and analytics, Shaillee works with organizations globally to build strategies that align organizations’ business objectives with evolving market trends, positioning them for sustainable success. She currently runs healthcare consulting firm, leading the Digital Innovation and Advanced Analytics services portfolio for Lumina Health Partners.

Prior to running a slue of successful consulting businesses , Shaillee has held positions as global leader Digital Health and Advanced Analytics; Chief Data Officer, VP Customer Success, IT Director Interoperability; and National Lead Business Services Transformation.

As Chief Global Strategy Officer with Empower Billion Women Inc., Shaillee assists with development and execution of global strategy allowing EBW to expand its contribution and impact within domestic and international markets by financially empowering women to launch, grow and scale their businesses and support UN Sustainable Development Goal of gender equality.

With bulk of her primary education from India, she got her bachelor’s in business administration from Eastern Michigan University in Michigan, USA. Shaillee also works with high risk youth, teaching mindfulness as a tool to create academic and behavioral excellence. She is producer and host for web series, called Voices of HOPE that raises awareness on mental illness and success strategies in personal and professional lives. She lives in Austin, Texas with two rambunctious boys and her husband.