Shabana Khan

Shabana Khan

Founder & Director, Indian Research Academy


Research Skills

• Nearly fifteen years of research experience with a focus on natural hazards, disasters, vulnerability, response and climate change.
• Reviewer for 13 international peer reviewed journals on natural hazards, disasters and climate change
• Experience of working in both developed (New Zealand) and developing country (India).
• Nearly an year of fieldwork experience that includes questionnaire surveys, interviews and
other methods of data collection.
• Experience of summarising research findings, writing reports and presenting it to different
interest groups

• January 2015: Selected as a member of the week (18th-24th January) at the Global Young Academy (GYA).
• February 2015: Selected as a member of the Global Young Academy (GYA).
• December 2013: Selected as the World Social Science Fellow to attend Interdisciplinary
World Social Science Seminar on ‘Risk Interpretation and Action-Decision Making under
Conditions of Uncertainty.’ The event is sponsored by International Social Science Council
(ISSC) in collaboration with IRDR Risk Interpretation and Action Working Group, the
International START secretariat, IRDR ICoE Taipei, and the Royal Society of New

• 2013: Complimentary Membership of European Geosciences Union.

• February 2012: Recognition of achievements in life award, Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University.

• July, 2011: Invitation for paper presentation at the 5th Australasian Hazard Management Conference organized and sponsored by Gold Coast City Council, Australia.

• May, 2011: Invitation and scholarship to attend Summer School: Water & Society: Space-Time Framework for Integrated Studies. Scheduled from 8th-13th May, Ecole de Physique des Houches, France. [Could not attend due to delay in visa arrival].

• September, 2010: Scholarship from Society for Risk Analysis – Australia and New Zealand (SRA-ANZ) for paper presentation at the 5th Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis – Australia and New Zealand held at Sydney, Australia.