Sekar Viswanathan

Sekar Viswanathan

Founder of Viswajayam Foundation

Chennai, India

Sekar Viswanathan born in a large lower middle class family grew up in Mylapore, Chennai and used the Govt. Hospital or charitable dispensary for ailments and treatments!! Starting his carrier as an accountant after his graduation, went on to start his own business and later on joined his brother to support him and went on to become Business Development Manager. He was instrumental in establishing several business ventures. While growing economically, he kept his roots latched to helping the poor and the society in his own way right from his first earnings of ₹300/- pm. His desire to directly involve himself in social activities kept growing and one fine day, when he visited the Govt. Royapettah Hospital Cancer block and a thought manifested itself in him as to start a Housekeeping service as a charitable activity in a Govt. Hospital for the benefit of the patients undergoing treatment there.

With such high cost of medical treatment prevailing in private sector, today’s middle class and upper middle class are neither able to afford treatment there nor able to go to a Govt. Hospital due the cleanliness and hygiene there.

This thought and unflinching support from his wife Mala Sekar and daughters Aparna Sekar and Manasvini Sekar gave him the confidence to undertake Housekeeping service at Govt. Hospital to provide clean and hygienic environment more seriously on charitable basis.

The power of positivity worked! Yes his continuous thinking about this service brought him a chance to meet the Head of Surgical Oncology Govt. Royapettah Hospital & Prof of Surgical Oncology, KMC Dr R Rajaraman and thus paved way for Viswajayam Foundation!

Viswajayam Foundation made a humble beginning on 10th July 2013 providing Housekeeping for 8 hours a day covering a area of 30,000 Sq. Ft with 5 workers fully meeting the expenses from his personal funds. After 2 years of continuous service with family and friends joining in with their financial contribution, Viswajayam Foundation slowly and steadily expanded it area of service. Today Viswajayam Foundation has adopted the entire Cancer Block spread over 6 floors covering an area of 90,000 Sq Ft and provides Housekeeping service for 24 hours, 365 days a year and added features like providing laundry service, Sterilisation service etc., employing about 16 workers.

While keeping the premises clean for the naked eye is one thing, keeping the premises bacteria / virus free is a big challenge. Viswajayam Foundation turned its focus in to this area and today Viswajayam Foundation is providing Housekeeping service using Automatic Scrubber Drier Machines and uses Organic Biodegradable floor cleaning disinfectants.

The ICU, Post-Operative wards, General / Special wards & toilets are being continuously checked for presence of bacteria / viruses by the Microbiologist at Govt. Royapettah Hospital