Savina Ekram Shirajee

Savina Ekram Shirajee

Proprietor, Savina’s Kitchen


Savina Ekram Shirajee was born in 1971. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Arts from Govt. Women’s College. In personal life she is married and she is the mother of one child. Her husband Mr. Md. Nurul Alam Seth is a renowned businessmen in Bangladesh.
Savina Ekram Shirajee is the proprietor & CEO of SAVINA’S KITCHEN. She is a successful women entrepreneur in the trade of Food Products & Catering supplier, interior decoration and designing business in Bangladesh.
She is a potential women entrepreneur and capable lady to run her business smoothly and has good capability and communication among the business community. She maintains a very strong marketing network. She visited various countries home and abroad in business purpose. She bears a strong and good support from her husband in various business trade and activities.

She has started business from the year 2000. Her business arena is mainly involved with hygienic food, specialized bakery items and fast food products.

She is also dealing with interior design and decoration works in Bangladesh. Presently she is a renowned and successful business woman in Chittagong as well she is the Former Director and Member of Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry. She has also visited and participates in many trade fairs and business meeting locally and internationally. She completed various type of short courses in Business Management, Fashion designing, Catering, Chamber Management Etc.
She has received many awards from home and abroad like International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Awards (IWEC)-2012 in Spain, Master Chef Award-2016 in Bangladesh.

In personal life Savina Ekram Shirajee is an active member of various social organizations in Chittagong Bangladesh dedicated with social activities involved with orphanage institutions to support the poor children and helpless girls and women.

SAVINA’S KITCHEN is a new hygienic food confectionery and savory brand company specialized in bakery items and fast food products.
Savina’s Kitchen deals with all own made products of Savina’s that is either produced or processed and packaged under the name of Savina’s Kitchen in Chittagong Bangladesh.
Savina’s Kitchen is committed to offering consumers high-quality food products that are safe, savoury and affordable through which people have expertise in a wide range of areas such as nutrition food safety and food science. They provide the prompt, efficient and high quality service that consumers expect from Savina’s Kitchen.
She established her business in the year 2000 with a small scale of home made kitchen products through which she produced quality Sweets and Confectionary items with the best hygiene standards, with an efficient and spread-out network all over in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Recognizing the importance of human capital, Savina’s Kitchen has assembled a strong management team. The team is lead by Savina Ekram Sirajhee under her administration with 15 years of experience. She brings financial skills for her concern.
Savina’s Kitchen aims to be a cornerstone in the community creating a neighborhood atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and become instant regulars. Currently Savina’s Kitchen is a sole proprietorship owned by Savina Ekram.
Savina’s Products provides non-gluten baked goods and pastries to diet conscious and wheat allergic consumers i.e. spelt breads, muffins, cakes and pastries, savories Snacks, fast food cookies.
The potential increase of customer will happen on the expansion of supply chain and reaching the foods to nearest sales outlet as possible. Targeting different age group and people with different taste and developing them as the potential customer is the main marketing approach and motto of Savina’s Kitchen.

Her vision and aim is to set up a modern food-processing unit abiding by all necessary conditions and guidelines set by local and international certification bodies such as BSTI, ISO, etc. Initially the project will be engaged with the manufacture of certain bakery products, snacks and desserts.
The long-term vision of the project is to make available value added high quality consumer products to the customers keeping price within their reach. Sanitary and hygienic conditions and local regulations will be followed at all stages of production. Uses of quality raw ingredients would be the motto of the project.