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Sasi Rekha Rajan


Sasi Rekha Rajan

Heartfullness Trainer

United Kingdom (UK)

• Attained Bachelors in Commerce from Ethiraj College for Women
• Qualified meditation trainer from heartfulness institute.
• Lived in various parts of India including Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. This has given an exposure to interact and connect with people with diverse cultural, linguistic, regional and behavioural background in India. Conducted heartfulness events in several national and international fora. Currently residing in London.
• Proficient in traditional south Indian art of Tanjore painting and held an exhibition.
• Author of a Tamil novel, Kanavugale valkaiaanal (If only dreams become reality).
• An avid traveller and reader. Married to a civil servant for over 25 years. Has two college going daughters studying in UK.