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Sarita Anand

Sarita Anand - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Sarita Anand

Reboot Wellness

New Delhi. India

Sarita started meditating at the age of 45. Meditation has helped her in detaching at the same time be compassionate towards her fellow beings. Her day to day meditation practice has brought a sense of inner strength and confidence.
Sarita has worked for over 15 years in the field of De-addiction and Recovery to help shed light on living beyond addiction. Her area of expertise has been in preventive care and counselling. Working with children, prison inmates and families in the field of drugs and alcohol abuse has been immensely rewarding for her.
Sarita has been associated over the last 15 years with SANA (Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association). Sarita’s body of work comprises working with the Singapore Prison Service, supporting their rehabilitation program for the “Special Care Drug Addicts/HIV” inmates.
In 2012, Sarita was awarded the Certificate of Honour for outstanding services to SANA which recognized her excellent and impressive work, commitment and contribution in helping to curb and battle against drug abuse in Singapore.