Sankalp Mohan Sharma

Sankalp Mohan Sharma

Founder & Director, Sachh Foundation


Sachh Organization India Founder & Director June 2018
– The Sachh Foundation aims to start the largest youth network globally of young leaders working towards Sustainable Development. We aim to bring these youth leaders working in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals together as one and launch the largest worldwide sustainability movement solely led by The Youth of tomorrow in every single country, state and city around the world.

– Our Goal is to mobilise the youth around the world and bring them together as one under the Sachh Foundation. Together they will spread awareness on sustainability and measures individuals can take in their daily lives and at the same time brainstorm ideas and projects that are result oriented, easy to implement and have a long-lasting impact. Solving problems through innovative solutions and ideas that our young teams come up with and getting them implemented in all the countries where the Sachh organization is present is our sole purpose.

– Having discovered my passion for the environment and Sustainable Development at a very early stage of life (middle school) I had the opportunity to work with several International organizations. I thoroughly enjoyed mobilizing audiences around the world to take a step forward for our planet, but as time passed, I came up with several campaigns and ideas of my own that I wanted to implement and therefore launched the Sachh Foundation. Through the course of my work I realized the power the youth posses the power to question the normal and innovate the impossible. Thus, as I planned my 5-year-old brainchild (Sachh) to the very detail during my time in school I was able to achieve several targets in a very short span of time after launch.

– Through my time at several youth conferences around the world such as The Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters In New York, The International Youth Conclave (Leadership Conference) in South Korea and The Glocal International Teen conference In Nepal, (where I represented my country) I was able to develop a vast network of Young leaders in every single country who were working for a certain cause. It is because of these young networks that the Sachh Foundation is present in over 7 countries working for the society, the planet and our race. We have over one hundred volunteers across the 7 countries where we are present and all below the age of 25.

As the Founder I launched several campaigns in the field of environment, education, poverty and human rights:

– Good Deed Saturday – Every Saturday me and my teams run small acts of kindness to help someone out, from simple things like donating clothes and blankets to food and water. Sometimes small things like toys and chocolates to light up a child’s face.
– Donation Drives – Through our Cloth Donation Drive me and my team across the world was able to donate over 11,000 pieces of clothing in over 4 countries. Through our Stationery Donation Drive we donated over 6500 stationery items including pens, pencils, books, sharpeners, erasers etc. Plantation Drives led to our teams in Nigeria planting over 500 saplings and our teams in Bangalore volunteered with Say Tress to plant over 3500 saplings crating a Miyawaki forest.
– Replant Bangalore – An initiative to start a youth campaign & project where the students of both private and public schools are educated about climate change and the environment and each student is given a sapling by our organization to plant and take care of for 12 months. Thus, replanting Bangalore, with the youth of Bangalore.
– Celebrity’s For A Cause – Gathering celebrities and making dreams a reality! Using the name & fanbase of celebrities from every field to raise money for the society and giving back.
– Educational Classes – Taking motivational sessions and educative classes with every stratum of society from schools and colleges to cooperates and Rotary/Leo Clubs even with the Indian army to raise awareness and educate the masses about the reality of Sustainable Development.