Sandra Wallin

Sandra Wallin - WEF - BRITISH - COLUMBIA - CANADA - 2017

Sandra Wallin

Chiron s Way Counselling Coaching and Consulting


Sandra Wallin is a belief builder and creation catalyst whose passion is helping people and businesses move from stuck to stupendous – TODAY!
As a child, Sandra watched her father give his life to his work and in her twenties, she watched his work take his life. After two excruciating rounds with cancer, her father confided his regret about taking the road more traveled, which led to a job that paid the bills, but did nothing to fill his heart. In those last hours, Sandra vowed to her dad, and to herself, that moving forward she would only do what she loved – a promise she has kept.
Known as a change agent, motivational teacher and sacred space holder, Sandra is a transformer who debunks the myths that change is painful and slow, that you have to know why you are the way you are in order to change and that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
As a lifelong learner Sandra has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Education and a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. She was a school teacher and counsellor for over twenty years and has been a psychotherapist since 1996.
Her extensive background in consciousness studies and equine guided learning have inspired invitations to teach and lecture around the world.

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