Sandhya Mathur

Sandhya Mathur

Founder & CEO of Inward Focus


Sandhya has chosen a career path of working towards empowering people to create vision, enhance their lives and fulfil their dreams. Using her personally crafted coaching style,
she combines Emotional Intelligence and spiritual wisdom with structured coaching techniques to empower professionals, and aspiring coaches to build strong leadership character. She helps clients strengthen their relationships with themselves and others, and have more grounded, fulfilled and highly successful careers and lives- a part of her vision to create ripples of total transformation in their lives, which will carry forward within their own ecosystems.
Sandhya has 20+ years of experience as a teacher, mentor and coach, for clients around US, Australia, Canada, and the Indian Subcontinent. She also manages a business that consults professionals, especially coaches, in setting up their own practices.
She is an experienced mentor and currently mentors international coaches, HR Leaders and Senior Executives, helping dozens of them from across the globe in their quest for higher coaching skills & credentials She is a senior mentor at Symbiosis Coaching based in Boston, and founder of Inward Focus, a Gurgaon based coaching, consulting & training firm.
“Sandhya is so many things rolled into one wonderful person — an ACC / PCC mentor coach par excellence, a cheerleader who always makes time for her mentee coaches and a facilitator of creative spaces in which coaches exchange best practices and fresh perspectives.”
– Stuti Mandala, ICC, ACC Executive Coach; Communications Consultant

“I had the opportunity to recently experience Sandhya’s coaching and mentoring skills. Her willingness to share her experiences and knowledge, the personal interest she demonstrates, particularly during the mentoring process, and the enthusiasm she exhibits for her mentee’s success is remarkable and inspirational.”
-Carolann Phillips, Director-Hallmark Training Institute, Oman

“She has the ability to infuse enthusiasm when ours flags and to skillfully help us to scale challenges when we baulk at them. She also possesses deep expertise in the area of emotional intelligence. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to embark on or improve in the area of coaching and related fields.”
-Srinivasan Subramaniam, Business & Leadership Coach, Experienced Business Leader

“She is an awesome combination of wisdom and patience. She has a deep knowledge of the science and art of coaching. Her calm and serene personality is perfect for those confused about the path towards the next steps in the coaching process.”