Samira L. Jones


Samira L. Jones

Author | Relationship & Life Strategist


Samira Jones is a thought leader that encourages and challenges women across the globe to live their best lives despite what encounters they may be faced with. She believes that the way in which we receive life is all perception, and we either allow that perception to build or terminate our divine destiny.

Jones is also the Author of “Tough Skin, A Journey of Survival and Persevering Life’s Challenges”, a memoire of Samira’s heart-rending childhood. Through it all, she believed in using her gifts to rise strong and support other women along the way in her mentoring, coaching programs, and live events.

Samira’s programs support women in both life and business, focusing on building the entire woman to be healthy, fabulous, and whole from a holistic perspective. She believes that if your life is not in order, then your business certainly cannot be in order. Everything that you do not deal with, will eventually deal with you. It is imperative to declutter, gain focus, clarity, and strategy around both your life as well as your personal business goals.

Featured in The Huffington Post late last winter, Samira described her journey and what pushes her to keep going even when the odds were stacked against her.

What’s next? Samira will be traveling on a 5 city tour in 2017 as well as hosting her annual “Girlfriend’s Discovering Our Strength” Retreat in September, where last year she had exciting speakers such as Comedienne, Kim Coles and The Chief Activator, Lucinda Cross. Her mission is for women to LEAP… Be Bold… Be Courageous… Have Faith… Be Inspired!