Samira Blaser

Samira Blaser

Body Analysis Specialist & Coach for Lifestyle Change


My name is Samira Blaser and I was born in August 1975 in Basel, Switzerland. I grew up with my brother and my mother, who used to be a single mother working full time. Since I was young, I learned from my mother to be independent and always decide for myself. After eight years of Grammar School – by that time I was 20 years old – I tried to find my purpose in the gastronomy, but it seemed that life had something else waiting for me.
2 years later I already became mother of a lovely baby boy named Jeremy. Unfortunately, things developed the way that I decided to take care of me and my son myself. As a single mother, I always worked full time, but I decided on the side to attend a commercial school, so that I would be able to learn the skills of an assistant. That way I was able to be promoted to another position.

With 29 years, I got married and shortly after I gave birth to my second son. Still my life was not supposed to be in harmony and a stable family life. I was dealing with family struggles and issues which also kept me away from finding my purpose of life.

After a broken marriage and family life, I wanted to go back to work and build up my own life. It was not easy because the struggles I had, would keep me dealing with it for the next 5 years. I got the opportunity to get into insurance business. I learned a lot about sales and consulting, and I became successful as a sales person and consultant. But there was the desire of doing something more than selling insurances. As healthy lifestyle and nutrition was always my personal interest, I decided 2015 to build my own business. In the past 3 years I gained experience in consultations and coaching as a Body Analysis Specialist. Together with my business partner we have created our own concept which helps people, who want to change their body and lifestyle and get results. We created a concept in a franchise system. We teach people how to become a coach and an expert for Body Analysis. This is the part about beauty and confidence from the inside, which leads you to a better, stronger and healthier lifestyle.

The other part of my activity concerns the appearance from the outside. In this area I would like to support women who want to gain self-confidence. The appearance can give strength and support the feeling from the inside. In this way you can gain and consolidate confidence for your personality and appearance. The care of the skin and how women can emphasize and underline their beauty with make-up is another passion of mine. I love to see a woman smile when she feels herself better and finds herself beautiful.