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Sabr Abou-Ibrahimi

Sabr Abou-Ibrahimi

Manager & Founder, Com’Partner


As an independent consultant and trainer in logistics for over 5 years in France and Morocco, she has acquired a 15 years’ experience in communication (media supports, advertiser, etc…) and consulting(management, social responsibility of the company, leadership)

By capitalizing on her experiences, she has transformed her passion of sustainable development into expertise in “Communication responsible” accompanied with a training given by ADEME (Agency of the Environment and harnessing of energy in eco-communication).
Her knowledge of human, industrial and technical environment of the enterprise allows her to develop a global approach and comprehend then each of the missions with all the required meticulousness and expertise.
Sabr Abou-Ibrahimi was responsable about the gender’s strategy of the Corporate Social Responsability commission, in CGEM (Moroccan Companies General Confederation) and she leads a project Wad3yati (which means in arabic, “my situation”).
It’s focused on advancing gender equality in the Moroccan workplace financed by the United states Department of a labor (USDOL).
Very implicated in the gender approach, she was formed to the leadership management and the women leadership/ empowerment. Authors of many articles about the leadership in general and specially about the women leadership, she made in 2015, a study about Moroccan women who started with nothing and have succeeded. This research brought sabr to set up a model, in French P.E.P.S (Perseverance/ Engagement, Commitment/Patience/ Soi, Self). Today, she organizes workshops to share this model, to give to women the keys to realizing their dream and succeeding in their life!