Ruxandra Ana-Maria

Ruxandra Ana-Maria

Author of the Personal Development


Ruxandra Ana Maria is the author of the personal development/self help book called Fit Trim Slim, The Easiest And Most Sustainable Way To Lose Weight; she is a humanitarian, women’s rights activist, the Founder of the women empowerment movement in India called Empower Women of India Tour and also she is a popular motivational speaker and life coach, specializing in helping people overcome challenges. She focuses her own brand of powerful, life-changing energy on issues like empowerment, depression, addictions, weight loss, and relationship problems, not to mention helping people manage career transitions and build businesses.

She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and has spent much time both teaching and learning in India and the Far East.

The driving force of Ruxandra’s life right now is connecting with people. She brings deep knowledge of multiple spiritual and psychological traditions, along with an unbridled positive attitude and belief in the goodness and beauty of the universe—and the healing power of self-love.