Ruqya Khan


Ruqya Khan


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Ruqya Khan, a wordsmith who is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®. She started her career as a freelance writer more than 15 years ago. Between then and now she has interviewed more than 3000 people from different walks of life. Her articles have covered the views and stories of many – right from celebrities to business owners to the office help! Her journey in the media industry gave her many roles to play. She has been the editor of two magazines, Emirates Parent Plus and Young & Trendy. She has done PR work for Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises and Global Village. She had written scripts for TV shows and even managed content for the marketing and communications department at Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai. Though a graduate in microbiology and genetics she took to journalism with confidence. Passion to express, complete trust in self and gratitude are her strengths. Her blog on Facebook, RK rites is a favourite stopover for a quick bite of soul food – in just one line she creates room for so much mind chatter.

When most women hang away their boots RK decided to wear her shoes. She is driven by the awareness that though her life is simple and her achievements still growing – each day she is an example to her children and the many who see her as she is.

When the why is strong, the how will follow…that is her message to the world…and that is exactly why she is a part of ALL.