Romee Giri

Romee Giri

Working Voluntarily Using Sports (Taekwondo)


Working voluntarily using sports (Taekwondo) as an educational tool for Women Empowerment, Gender equality and other sustainable goals for the Better community and Better tomorrow. Hence,as an reward i got selected to be the Ceremonial Ambassador for Rio Olympic Flaming Event (2016) by United Nation. I was there representing Nepal, World Taekwondo and United Nation itself as a Young Leader and became the First Female Athlete Speaker to my Country Nepal on International Day of Sport for Peace and Development.

Sports Career
o Started Taekwondo Since 12 Jan, 2002
o 4rd DAN at Nepal Taekwondo/3rd Dan to Kukkiwon
o National Referee at Nepal Taekwondo Association
o Volunteer coach under National Sports Council
o Treasurer at Women empowerment committee for the event First National Women Taekwondo Championship
o Board member at Nepal Para-Taekwondo Development committee under Nepal Taekwondo Association
o Event Assistant at 7th Korean Ambassador Championship
o Technical assistant at 2nd Mount Everest 2014, 11th SAG selection and other
o Ceremonial Ambassador to Rio-Olympic Flaming event-Switzerland
o First Female Athlete Speaker to United Nation sports Olympic flaming event representing World taekwondo from Nepalese Taekwondo Association – Nepal
o Working for Nepalese Sports Youth for Development and Peace NGO (Voluntarily)


o Medals on Junior Taekwondo championship’s (Nepal)
o Best presenter award at, Monthly banking course from KFA