Rob van Rooij


Rob van Rooij

Founder & Chairman at The XS2Justice Foundation


Rob van Rooij Is the founder and chairman of the XS2Justice Foundation, responsible for the development of the XS2Justice Network business model and for running and funding the start-up of XS2Justice Network in Kenya and managing the roll-out.

Rob van Rooij is a lawyer by education and has held commercial management positions in fast moving consumer goods and in the legal insurance industry. He has been executive director at and was as such involved in the development of an innovation model for the justice sector and the architect of the Innovating Justice Awards. He is the founder of two innovative legal business formulas: (2010) and XS2Justice Network (2004). As a respected expert on matters concerning access to justice and innovative cost saving methods for legal services and dispute resolution, he has been consulted by the Dutch Parliament, the Ministry of Justice and the Dutch Legal Aid board.