Ritu Harish Goyal

Ritu Harish Goyal - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Ritu Harish Goyal

Travelpreneur, Journalist & Writer

Pune, India

“After being a freelance journalist for 17 years and serving a two year stint as member of bench at a consumer court in Delhi, Ritu is currently reinventing herself as a travelpreneur.

Her passion for people, adventure and experiences have culminated into a boutique travel company based in Pune called Ease India Travel, that offers ExperienceTravel™ a unique way of exploration.

She offers holidays that are based on her own travel experiences. The mother of two teens, who has spent all her time and savings in the past five years travelling to the places she feels a soul connection to, offers experiences that are seldom available on the internet.

She also carefully customises the itineraries to suit the needs of the traveller, including throwing in a candlelight dinner at a 5 star hotel to celebrate an anniversary, or arranging a ceremony to consolidate marital vows in a monastery…her guests cherish the personal touch.

Her destinations are therefore limited – Bhutan, parts of Himachal (notably the Kangra Valley), Kerala and Coorg – but she knows these places like the back of her hands.

She does not offer off-the-shelf itineraries because she believes that its time companies deal with their customer at a human level – where the interaction is so personal that it is like chatting with a friend about your travel plans, where the expert who’s listening to you understands your holiday needs so intimately that they can throw you a surprise when you least expect it and where they treat you like a ‘guest’ not just a client or customer.