Ripandeep Kaur – India

Ripandeep Kaur

Chairperson of ‘We for WE’


She is always sophisticated in her manner; her perfect long hair and her big expresive kohl rimmed eyes set off by the occasional bindi, the size of a thumbprint, add to a serene appearance. Ripandeep Kaur’s stall frame commands the place that she is in.
Her voice is measured and her words well paced as she begins to speak about things in general. From society, to kitty parties to saving the girl child; everthing finds a place in her conversation as she tries to balance out every accusation against her for choosing glamour to promote a social cause. She’s an independent woman and believes that those who have the opportunity to obtain financial freedom should do everything in their power to do so.
So there are women who don’t make the best of what they’ve got? There are so many women, who, inspite of being privileged are not able to do what they can…. she rues. I’ve seen so many of my contemporaries who studied with me not doing anything in spite of being educated and talented. The city is full of bright and beautiful women and they spend their time at kitty parties. You’ll see them decked up in the best attire and yet when you speak to them and try to decipher their purpose in life you’re left wanting for so much…
Ripandeep admits that while this ignorance and emptiness may run through the society in strong currents there are some women who are purpose driven and don’t rely on their jewels and their snazzy clothes to be noticed… for the others, she says, they somehow seem content in their golden cages.
Carefully bringing her to the subject of bringing the likes of former Miss Iran and other beauty queens to further the cause of her social endeavor, she ardently gives and example… when there is a child who needs a surgery; you can’t wait for people’s hearts to change! If people feel obliged to help if they see a pretty face then that solves that little child’s purpse so why not go ahead with that plan?