Riadh Chaabouni Zghal

Riadh Chaabouni Zghal

Professor Emeritus & Consultant


Riadh chaabouni Zghal is an Emeritus Professor of Management, University of Sfax Tunisia.
She has currently some activities as consultant.

She got Doctorat 3rd cycle in Sociology University Aix-Marseille and PHD in Management from the same university

She was Past Dean of Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Sfax where she teached Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, Management of Technology and Innovation and Research Methodology.

Her research topics are: culture and management, human resource management, governance, technology appropriation, ICT and management, gender and empowerment.

Other current activities: Vice-President of the Association of International Studies, co-founder and vice president of the association “Centre for Entrepreneurship and Endogenous Development” (CEDE).

Some publications in English
1. HRM in Tunisia: An evolving process under state’s impulse , in Human Resources Global Management Conference : Comparative HRM – Learning from Diversity, Barcelona, 19-22- June 2001, Proceedings published on CD-rom by CRANET and ESADE – Barcelona
2. Globalisation, Culture and Management Systems, in The Journal of North African Studies vol.3 Number 2, Summer 1998 and in Perspectives on Development, the Euro-Mediterrnean Partnership, George Joffé editor, Frank Cass 1999.
3. Gérer l’incertitude, Courrier de l’Unesco published in 7 languages, French version april 1994

See her publications in the French version of her CV.

Most recent studies and consultations
• An action research for building clusters around female occupations in two Tunisian regions (project led by CREDIF, launch 2017, ongoing),
• Participation in the project “Inclusive and Sustainable Development of the Organic Beekeeping Value Chain in the Governorate of Béja” as part of the project PEJTUN led by the International Labour Office 2016-2017,
• Participation in the prospective study “Tunisia 2025” led by the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies (2016-2017),
• Development of an approach for a Tunisian Corporate Social Responsibility label (2014-2015)
• Development of a “local content” project as part of its CSR policy for an oil company, included in a response to a call for tenders, (the company has won the contract).
• “Women’s Economic Empowerment, Employment and Entrepreneurship” a study led for the CREDIF (2010-2014).
• Contribution to the action research “Valorization of the Tunisian olive wood value chain”, led by UNIDO at Sidi Bouzid (2012-2013)