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reena singh

Reena Singh

CEO & Founder IIRM


Reena Singh was the founder member of “International Institute of Reflexology Management “(IIRM) Bangalore, India.She have been actively involved with holistic healthcare since 1997, conceptualizing and conceiving natural remedies by developing homemade products from therapeutic herbs and spices for various health and skin problems. The products have been well received by friends, family and their connections at large with documented positive results. In the recent past talks with CFTRI for undertaking the research work for my Diabetic product is taking shape. The 2 years spent in coordinating “International Business for Fortis HealthCare”, Bangalore offered her an experience of the Corporate life, with a practical feel of its extensive learning. Most of the journey was taken on the chair though the computer which brought the never ending and consistent knee and back pain along with it. The long working hours with a static posture and limited movement were the culprit. Yet it was a blessing in disguise as I undertook the sabbatical break to heal myself in ITM school, Chiangmai, Thailand. A new dimension of education was set in with me undergoing a graduation course, becoming a “Certified Advanced Practioner and Teacher Trainer” In Ancient Thai Therapies along with learning the other Eastern and Western modalities of massage therapies. I am actively engaged in developing the educational status of IIRM. I’m an Alumnus of “Chaudhry Charan Singh Agricultural University, Hissar, Haryana with a graduation degree in the faculty of Home sciences, a masters degree in Public Administration from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Graduation and master degrees in Alternative system of healing from Kolkata. The various professional roles came along with extensive education and experience imbibed with Sevabhav, excellence and precision. At IIRM , The Dr. Shivago way is our guiding principle to conceive and craft a beautifully designed course for the holistic healers as Yoga instructors, Reiki and Pranic Healers, Masseuses, Physiotherapists, nurses or anyone who is interested in learning Ancient Thai Therapies, Nuad Bo Raan-Northern style. Our physical being needs a renewal of its energies. My vision is of creating such an Institute IIRM in India which gives direction, shape and identity to the therapists to what we call “The IIRM way”. Dr. Shivago was the physician of Lord Buddha. The IIRM way creates and prepares the students with a comprehensive learning ecosystem enabling them to give their clients a session of “Healing with a Feeling”. Our approach to your session receiving goes beyond just physical health to a perfectly balanced care of mind, body and spirit. Our courses are designed to enhance and promote holistic wellness of the student, making his or her touch a social culture valued service.