Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet Kaur

Expert in Indian Classical, Bhangra, Giddha, Bollywood and Indian Folk dance styles


I am an expert in Indian Classical, Bhangra, Giddha, Bollywood and Indian Folk dance styles.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Dance and also have many years of experience in teaching and performing too. I have been fortunate and privileged to have performed in renowned venues in the Punjab, India and here at The O2 Arena in London, The Symphony Hall, NIA Arena in Birmingham , DeMonfort Hall in Leicester, to name but a few. Also, I have performed with many famous artists in their music videos.

I am very happy and proud to report that I have had a fantastic year. I recently won the 2019 LAGAS – Leicester Asian Glitz Awards for Best Female Solo Dancer – I won this award last year too. Also, with lots of hard work, courage, determination I am over the moon to have won Mrs World Punjaban 2019, I feel very honoured and empowered.

Additionally, I have worked as an Adult Tutor, worked in schools and in other charity and community functions and events – this has given me great satisfaction and joy.

I want to help people through dancing. Dance has been a medium to convey stories and emotions. The graceful and energetic moments of Bhangra and Bollywood are also being employed to heal because of their therapeutic effects.
I believe that dance exercise is a feasible and a realistic solution to many health issues. It releases positive endorphins in you …It makes you feel good, happy, hence why people dance at parties, weddings etc. Dance exercise is a physical activity; however it is also like meditation – it harmonizes the mind, soul and body. Also, it takes away the stress, anxiety, keeps you fit and healthy and leaves you feeling energized, happy and healthy.

I love to help and make a significant difference so that people can achieve and maintain an active, happy and healthy lifestyle. I adore working with all people from different demographics, backgrounds and cultures.

I look after and manage Dhamak Punjabna Di – DPD. This is an all-girls traditional gidha/bhangra team based in Leicester, that is passionate about promoting Indian culture.

DPD has performed at many events across the UK including Vaiskahi on the Square in London 2008, Brit Asia Music Awards 2010, 2017 – alongside many popular artists from India, U.K and the world. We have featured in many annual festivals throughout the UK and also we have been on live tv shows on Venus TV, Kanshi TV. We love performing and regularly do so in Leicester, London, Birmingham, Coventry Derby, Yorkshire, Loughborough Melas, events and many more.

DPD have also featured in many music videos.

In additional DPD have hosted their very own ladies only show, Teeyan Da Mela in Leicester and Birmingham since 2004. The show has proved to be a hit and attracted large audiences from around the UK.

DPD takes Indian dance classes for all ages.
Alongside dancing, acting is becoming my passion as well. Recently I have worked in two films based in the U.K. With more opportunities, support and help I would like to go further in this field.
I really enjoy gardening and travelling. It is my aspiration to travel all over the world to see different cultures, people and appreciate their music and dance.