Rashmi Mishra

Rashmi Mishra

Director, Inspiring Indian Women


Rashmi Mishra (M.A, BEd), has been in the teaching profession since last 25 years. She has been extremely popular amongst her students and colleagues alike. She is very passionate to make a difference and create platforms for her students as well as fellow ladies. She has always tried to engage in activities that brought together global and local innovators to generate ideas, build networks for action, and work together to ensure lasting educational as well as social change.
● Initiated Heritage club in collaboration with INTACH (Indian trust for Art cultural heritage) organised many activities for the school to create awareness for our heritage, intermingling and collaboration of different cultural heritage, Adoption of monuments, saving natural heritage etc…
● Had organised Podar School fair during Creative fest to sell handmade items and collect money to buy sports equipment for Dilkhush Special school, Juhu
● Was involved with ZERO TOLERANCE CAMPAIGN against Eve teasing. Organized panel discussion and conducted poster as well as signature campaign. This campaign played a pivotal role in pressurizing the state Government to enforce stricter laws against eve teasing.
● Involved with ‘Ayudar’ an online portal, as one of the panelists providing guidance and counseling students. It is tailor-made for teenagers who are struggling in any aspect of life.
● Was involved in running an FB page, ‘Shakti ‘on Women Empowerment- 2012
● Her song was chosen as the school song from among many entries.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C1-wXtNaP8 (School song)
● Was appreciated and applauded for participation in ‘Inception’. To discuss the various paradigms on education.
● Participated in LearnShift India in 2013
● Started IIW ( INSPIRING INDIAN WOMEN ) , Not for profit Organisation , registered in UK , Company number- 10879951
● Presently working as a Learner’s Support Advisor in a Further Education College in London supporting special needs students.
● IIW was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for its community work by Member of Parliament Ms Seema Malhotra
● IIW was awarded a certificate by The Punjabi Society of British Isles for promoting and supporting the society in various charitable activities.
● IIW was awarded Community Service Award for exemplary contribution and commitment to making immense difference in people’s lives by Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice media publications.
● She received an appreciation Plaque from Metropolitan Police Hindu Association for a talk on ‘The History of the role of Women in the Hindu Society’.
● She was also nominated for her commitment to strengthening the foundation of the society by the organisation Zabardast Butterflies in the UK Parliament.
● She was also awarded The ‘Alturism Award’ by the BritAsian Beauty Pagents Global Awards 2019
● She was recently awarded the ‘WOW Iconic Awards’ in the category of Social Activist for women community par excellence.

The Company, a registered NOT FOR PROFIT organisation in UK was created on 6th April, 2016. Its members are based not only in the U.K but all over the world. In just six months the membership touched almost 5000. Slowly and steadily the group is rising to reach its objective as a support by sharing inspirational stories of women in all fields be it in performing arts, entrepreneurship, children’s talent or even creating awareness against any gender bias issue. Today with almost Twelve Thousand plus and still counting, there is no looking back, says Rashmi Mishra.
The organisation believes in real networking and changes out of social media.
The USP of IIW – No dominating control on women, any rules or regulations.
● Ladies are free to post one business post every day, they are encouraged to connect and join any events, networking opportunities without any frills and obligations.
● There are so many other groups, but IIW collaborates with each one and allows each group to post and promote themselves.
● No competitive spirit but believes in simply spreading inspiring stories to motivate individual growth.
● Participation of men too in many events and in advisory as well.
● Shun Jealousy and ego, instead celebrate the success of other women
● IIW doesn’t just say it on papers but its followers are living examples of the philosophy of working together.
● Considers all as one, no hierarchy. All volunteers.
● Values each, volunteer for the time and energy spent.
● Provides recommendation letter to the volunteers to support in Job search.
● Reaching 12,000 members and overall reach on social media is more than 3 lakhs
● To collaborate and coordinate to create opportunities for each inherent talent, dreams and desires to fulfil.
● To change attitude and stereotypical perceptions towards women.

● Bring together women from all over the world, on one platform and work towards bigger goals.
● Get wider ideas and network with ladies worldwide to work towards upliftment and creating awareness towards social causes. To organise programmes related to cultural heritage and assist in making the presence of stronger Indian community not only in London but elsewhere.
IIW has one event every month and lots of collaborations –
Flagship Events
1. ‘She Inspires’ Awards held in the British Parliament on the occasion of International Women’s Day , acknowledging common women.
2. Republic Day which instils love for India among the Generation Next born in UK.
3. Baisakhi (April) and Shagun (Pre Karwa Chauth in October) Fun event for family to join the ladies.
4. A fund-raiser for Diwali – Christmas combine for any charity
5. IIW All Ladies Cricket Championship on Father’s Day
6. Nari tu Narayani – A programme on women’s issues, Live conversation with experts on MA TV, Sky Channel – 711