Rashi Menda

Rashi Menda - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Rashi Menda

Founder and CEO of Zapyle


Rashi Menda, is the Founder and CEO of Zapyle, the ultimate luxury fashion destination making designer labels affordable in India. The inception of Zapyle was inspired by Rashi’s own
experiences of living in different cities of the country. While residing in Delhi and Mumbai, she found acquiring luxury items was incredibly easy. However, when she moved to Bangalore, she
realized how difficult it was for women not living in the two metro cities to access luxury brands. The rapidly-changing nature of fashion trends also made it unwise to invest heavily in luxury wear, be it international brands or Indian designer labels. It was then that she came up with the idea of creating a platform that makes luxury fashion easily accessible and affordable for everyone, not limiting it to an exclusive segment.

Born in Delhi, Rashi pursued her graduation in Economics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Before founding Zapyle, she worked for multiple years in management, strategic solutions, inbound marketing and e-commerce. She has assisted numerous brands in establishing a voice and customer recall in India. Rashi held the post of Head of Strategic Alliances & Marketing at Zap Internet Solutions from 2013 to January 2015, and was an Analyst for Ernst & Young in 2011. As Head of Partner Marketing at Unamia.com, Rashi single-handedly led the marketing team, displaying her expertise in retail and online business. Her specialties are wide-ranging and include competitive analysis, business development and data crunching.

Discovering luxury fashion has always been troublesome, and though women spend $1.5 billion (can we please change to an Indian statistic in rupees?) consistently on luxury, the greatest
concern for the discerning fashionista is to keep up with constantly changing trends. To reform this tragic situation, Zapyle was conceived – a one stop destination for luxury at profoundly
marked down prices for fashion conscious women, where they can purchase international brands and designer wear.

Her vision behind Zapyle was to also bring together fashion lovers, designers and bloggers to create a vibrant community of people with similar tastes and preferences. With Zapyle Social,
she aims to build and connect an engaging platform for users to together, discover fashion and spread love.

On the personal front, Rashi loves to travel and explore new places, cultures and cuisines. Apart from being a fashion connoisseur, she likes to stay updated with the latest developments in the business world. She is also a champion of equal rights and works with various women empowerment groups. Yoga is her favorite way to unwind and rejuvenate.