Raquel Sharper

Raquel Sharper

International Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Investor & Future best-selling Author


Raquel Sharper is an international motivational speaker, mentor, investor and future best-selling author. She is Transforming Dreamers into Life Stylers “The Sharper Way” with Multiple Income Streams!
Raquel began her career as an IT Consultant for fortune 500 companies for over 10 years. Her business acumen became proficient in dealing with diverse groups as well as complex business. Through this experience Raquel cultivated “Sharper Communications” and Founded The Sharper Way.
Unfortunately, the corporate world wasn’t giving her the “LIFE STYLE” she desired. Ms. Sharper began her private practice and now she teaches people how to explore strategies to generate multiple streams of income and how to increase a person’s bank account to the size of their dreams.

Raquel has worked with some of the most influential organizations:

• Tony Robbins organization
• Robert Kiyosaki’s (Rich Dad) organizations
• Kevin Harrington from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

Raquel is a highly sought after due to her passion as an influencer, she was awarded Speaker of the Year 2019 with the EZWay Wall of Fame Awards.
Raquel’s charismatic delivery allows her to connect and impact audiences worldwide while providing inspiration and empowering the individual to take action on their passion by discovering their own untapped talents and infinite potential. As she says “She teaches people to work smarter because that’s The Sharper Way!”