Randa Fouad

Randa Fouad

Artist/Development Communication Expert


An Egyptian Artist passionate for Egypt’s wealth of civilizations and cultures that presents the egyptian identity. Ms Fouad was born and raised in Cairo and started learning art and music by the age of six. She was lucky to live in an artistic environment.
Her Father En Ezz El Din Fouad was an architect and a classic music lover and her mother Wissam Fahmy is one of Egypt’s prominent contemporary artists.

Randa was exposed and influenced as a child by the artistic disscusions that took place in her family’s home hosting their egyptian artist friends such as Bikar,Hamed Nada,Taheya Halim,Sabry Ragheb and Gazebeya Serry among other artists who are considered now Egypt’s wealth of modern Art .
Ms Fouad continued drawing as a hobby and inspiration while graduating from Faculty of Economics and Political Science Cairo University and started her career as a UN Development Communication Expert which enabled her to travel all over the world and discover different cultures.
She also headed The London Times Office as their international correspondent in the Middle East.
Ms Fouad is considered one of Egypt’s environmental pioneers heading The Arab Media Forum for Environment and Development in addition to her work as an adviser for several Egyptian Ministers of Environment.
All these development experiences and background presented the platform for Ronda’s next step.

In 2013 Ms Fouad took a decision to make a career shift following her passion for Art, she studied art with several prominent artists, her main mentors were artist Dr.Farghali Abdel Hafiz and Artist Wagih Yassa and Artist Dr.Taher Abdel Azeem.
Since the beginning of her career as an artist and through her paintings she expressed herself and passion clearly for the wealth of Egypt’s Heritage, values for love, peace and integration.
Through the years Randa Fouad participated in more than 45 group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad, she was also awarded several awards in different occasions for her artwork.
Egyptian Fantasy is the artist’s first Solo Exhibition, she presents her Artwork, vision and message about rich Egyptian identity by mixing Egyptian icons and symbols, using strong colourful and gold mediums inspired by the pharaohs , Coptic and Islamic arts in an innitiave to mix Egypt’s heritage in modern abstract techniques.
Randa Fouad aims to present the culture of diversified Egyptian Art dialogue through her paintings and intends to continue her message on national, regional and global levels through different art innitiaves in addition to organizing future exhibitions along the same theme.Ms Fouad is also working towards enabling Art lovers from all over the world to enjoy her Egyptian Fine Art Work in their daily lives by transforming her paintings into elegant ready made clothes and other colorful ornaments ( bags, cushions, ceramics ex).