Raghav Parkash

Raghav Parkash

Entrepreneur & Business/Executive Coach, Raghav Parkash


Raghav Parkash, one of London’s leading High Performance & Life Coaches, helps ambitious Entrepreneurs, professionals & companies reach the very best, happiest, fulfilled & highest performing versions of themselves.

Over the last few years alone, he has run over 250+ workshops and coaching thousands of people and companies on the strategies/steps to achieve their very best while impacting the world around them.

One of the many reasons Raghav is humbled by his work as a coach, is there was a time 10 years ago when he didn’t believe he had any personal power, but after overcoming a number of personal challenges from depression, anxiety, low self esteem/confidence & poor health, it’s his passion to help people unearth their true power and potential that lies within them.

Raghav is privileged to work with a number of inspiring people from a variety of backgrounds such as CEO’s, business leaders, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, marketers, therapists, actors, musicians, singers, project managers, students and many more.

What he loves especially is helping his clients go beyond any limitations and begin to see what they are truly capable of doing and achieving when tuning in to their potential.

As a result, his clients then go on to accomplish some truly extraordinary things and continually strive to bring more value to others, leave an inspiring legacy behind and powerfully impacting the world around them.