Rachanaa Jain


Rachanaa Jain

Entreprenuer, Author, Healer, Coach, Consultant

United Kingdom

Rachanaa Jain was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Since childhood she was gifted and was very intelligent and lot of her predictions about different situations came true. So she became very popular among friends and family and they started contacting and took her advice in different situations and in career. She was academically an excellent student and excelled well in studies as well as extra curriculum activities and won numerous awards and certificates in sports, mono acting, science projects, dancing and painting and in her SSC (equivalent to GCSE) she was awarded student of the year in 1999 due to winning the most awards that year.

Once her father challenged her to earn money to teach her about hard work and she accepted the challenge, although she was in her school studying. Her challenge was to turn her Five Rupees into something more to make a profit. She started thinking and was passing by a jewellery shop which was on her way to school and she had this idea to buy some earrings. She bought 2 pairs of earrings at Fifty Paise each and took it with her into school and wore one of the earrings. As she was very popular she went in to chat up with the teachers and asked them if they liked her new earrings and the teacher loved it and she started highlighting all the features of the earring and the teacher asked how much were they for and she said Rupees 2 for 1 pair and teacher felt it’s a great deal asked her to buy 10 pairs and she made a profit of 200% and that was her first step into business. Whilst studying in college, she used to run numerous summer camps and courses into painting, dancing and other activities which she would use to pay off her College fees and was independent.

To pursue further studies she came to UK to complete her Master’s Degree in Financial Management with Human Resource Management from Middlesex University Business School. Coming to a new country was a big step for her and she started missing her family and was quite lonely at that time. Once there was an instance when her Mom was extremely ill and was taken to the hospital and she had her exams at the same time and she couldn’t go to India to look after her mom, so she started searching into distance healing and got deeper into spirituality. She learnt different healing modalities and started practicing on her mom whilst still in UK and to her surprise her mom started recovering quicker than what the doctors said and that’s her faith into spirituality got even stronger and she opened many doors and numerous opportunities were offered to her.

She is the founder of Devine Messages and she is also an established author of a hit selling book called “Awake Your Dreams, Stop Procrastinating! Start Achieving! ” She has helped hundreds of people so far to achieve the potential they have had all along, while also making sure that they get the confidence boost they need to truly succeed. She has the potential to give you the bright future you have always wanted, and she has years of experience in reading, healing, coaching and training people.

She says she has received huge blessings when relief has come through to the suffering clients in only few sessions. She is known for her Midas touch in Fengshui and received fame for her accurate readings. She has a very optimistic and compassionate approach to life’s problems. As a Certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Practitioner, she teaches classes in Reiki Level 1, 2, 3, Karuna Reiki, Magnified Healing and Oracle Card Readings.
She is also certified as a Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, Pranic Healer and Psychotherapist, Realm Reader, Fairyologist, Numerologist and Crystal Healer. She is accredited member of the Association of Professional Coaches Trainers & Consultants, International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine and UK Reiki Federation.
She strongly believes in karma and says that “The key to living is giving”. She believes in helping those who have nothing for themselves, and she regularly contributes to orphanages, the disabled, women empowerment charities and more. In fact, 5% of all of the proceedings from her book go to a charity called Give India, so when you choose her as your number one life guide, you know you are choosing someone who has a genuine level of compassion as well as someone who will do everything she can to make the lives of others better.