Rabia Mohan


Rabia Mohan

Owner at Indischa Flower


Rabia Mohan, entrepreneur, beauty business specialist and owner of Indischa Flower in The Hague. Award winner 2016 of the Dutch Beauty salon Top 100 and also winner of the Big Beauty Awards for the best Beauty salon and the Award for the most popular Beauty salon 2016.

Rabia is specialised in beauty treatments which combine ayurveda, yoga, meditation and beauty in one treatment. She truly believes that a healthy mind can create or contribute to a healthier world. This is why she applies yoga techniques to her treatments. As a beauty business specialist she denounces the socially constructed ideas of beauty we see in the media, all around us, that portraits false perceptions of beauty that makes us insecure. She is on a mission to combine entrepreneurship with empowerment of (men and) woman by showing them that self-identity goes far beyond appearance. She emphasizes that beauty can take place alongside outer beauty but requires foremost acceptance, balance and well-being of mind and body. Her mission is to reach as many people as possible to take a different look at themselves. When they accept themselves, it will be easy to accept each other as we are. Harmony together with diversity makes live more beautiful and colorful.