Program Structure

Overall structure: Each hour one plenary session and 11 parallel sessions will run. 9 such hourly sessions in a day starting from 08:30am and ending at 08:15pm. There will also be breakfast and lunch round table discussions plus a dinner talk.

Plenary sessions: total = 53 sessions of 60 minutes each

36 plenary sessions will be on each of the 36 specific Themes. In each of these the 10 members of Theme Advisory Committee (TAC) and 4 members of Business Advisory Committee (BAC) Members will be panelists. They will get to speak for 3 minutes each plus will be conferred with an ALL-WEF award. Other speakers at the theme parallel sessions will also be conferred their award during the session.

Other plenary sessions:
1 first welcome session by Global chairperson (half hour)
1 inaugural
1 valedictory
1 session on political leaders in india
1 session on political leaders international
1 session with diplomats from Americas and Europe
1 session with diplomats from Asia and Africa
1 session with iconic media leaders
1 session on women in spirituality and service
1 session with celebrity actors from movies
1 session with business leaders of the decade
1 session with women leaders of the decade
1 session with leaders of the decade in innovation, entrepreneurship and funding
1 session with leaders from corporates
1 session ALL -WEF awards for iconic leaders creating a better world for all
1 session ALL WEF awards for iconic leaders in Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity
1 closing session on thanks for all those who supported WEF 2017 (half hour)

In each of these sessions we will have either individual keynote speakers for 15 minutes each or have a panel of 8-10 prominent men and women.

Business parallel sessions of 60 minutes each total 5×45= 225
B1-Entrepreneurship & start-up sessions : 45- here the investment bankers , fund managers, angel investors and entrepreneurs will speak about what investors are looking for and how new start-ups can be pushed including idea generation and implementation.

B2- Business to Business sessions : 45 – here delegates interested in expansion will meet those interested in meeting them for furtherance of business and trade and partnerships.

B3- Country sessions : 45 – here each country embassy will present investment and partnership opportunities from their countries companies with emphasis on SME sector

B4- Corporate sessions : 45 – here each company will talk about its company’s contribution to society and seeking joint projects and partnerships

B5-Workshops/Masterclass : 45 – here speakers will conduct specific training sessions in personal leadership , marketing, innovation, technology and healthy living.

In each of the business sessions, the lead speaker will get 20 minutes, the three panelists 6 minutes each and balance for Q&A.

Theme Parallel sessions of 60 minutes each: total 36×6= 216

Each of the 36 themes will have 6 sub-topics. The topics will be suggested by the Theme Advisory Commitee (TAC) Members and on that basis finalized by the management . Details of the 36 themes are given in the program tab.

In each session , the lead speaker will get 15 minutes, three panelists 6 minutes each and balance time for Q&A.

Special parallel sessions: 18

Here new thoughts and ideas that are unique, new technologies in the offing from the research universities and the future world.

Breakfast Round Table (BRT) and Lunch Round Table (LRT) business discussions:

Breakfast on 9th to 13th from 06:00am-07:00am and 07:15am-08:15am and lunch on 9th to 12th from 12Noon-01:00pm will be for networking and business discussions in the main plenary hall. Hall will have 45 tables seating 8 persons each. All Advisory Board members and Advisory Executive Council (AEC) Members will on preferential basis be able to book a table for one of the days and invite 7 delegates to join in that table for an intensive discussion led by them. Tables can be booked in advance. The Advisory Executive Council (AEC) Member can reach out to other delegates and invite them to their table for discussion.


BRT -1 06:00am – 07:00amBRT -2 07:15am – 08:15amLRT 12Noon – 01:00pm
BRT 2 1BRT 2 2LRT 2
BRT 3 1BRT 3 2LRT 3
BRT 4 1BRT 4 2LRT 4
BRT 5 1BRT 5 2LRT 5
BRT 6 1BRT 6 2


Dinner Talk:
5 dinner keynote talks from 8th to 12th from 08:15pm-08:45pm.

Note on Strict adherence to allotted time for each speaker:
To be fair to all speakers, a moderator in each session will strictly enforce keeping to the time allotted for each speaker and may in extreme case switch off the Mike. This is being done so that no speaker feels cheated for not getting time to speak. Please do adhere to the time allotted.