Program Details of WEF-UK 2017

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Venue: Bhavan Centre, 4a Castletown Road, London W14 9HE.
Forum Charges will be £ 20 for the entire forum. You can pay on spot at the venue at registration desk.

Please write to us:
• To participate in WEF – UK 2017 London, please write to us with your interest and profile at:

Note: Please note that the forum fee need to be paid at the forum venue on spot. Regarding the accommodation and air fare please book on your own.

Plenary session will be held in Main Auditorium(capacity 300), Parallel sessions A in Art Gallery(capacity 100), Parallel sessions B in Meeting Hall (capacity 80), Round Table session C in classroom Y (capacity 25), Round Table session D in classroom Z (capacity 25)

General Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions:Each plenary session of one hour will have 6-8 panelist who will each speak for 6-7 minutes.
* Parallel Sessions: Each parallel session of one hour will have three lead speakers who get 15 minutes each or two lead speakers who get 15 minutes each plus two panelists who get 5 minutes each. Balance time will be for delegate remarks and Q&A.
* (M) will act as a moderator for the session.
* Role of Moderator: A moderator in each session will strictly enforce keeping to the time allotted for each speaker and may in extreme case switch off the Mike. This is being done so that no speaker feels cheated for not getting time to speak. Please do adhere to the time allotted.
* The sessions topics & timing are subject to change.

WEF-United Kingdom, 2017

Day-1, Tuesday, 31st January

08:30am-9:30amRegistration & Networking tea
9:30am – 11:00am11- Inaugural SessionTheme address :Awakening the Power Within: The Way Forward for UK
11:00am-12:00am12- Plenary in Main AuditoriumUK – Harmonizing Cultural Identities and Aspirations with a Inclusive Diverse Approach to Growth : Time for a New UK AgendaSandra Nelson , Lakshmi Kaul , Dr. Lakshmi Vyas
, Carola Pavlik , Yvonne Lorang , Luìza Cristina Fernandes Palma ,
12A- Parallel A in Art GalleryNever Underestimate the Power of an Idea: Transforming an Idea into a Fundable Business PlanAnastasia Hatzivasilou , Ana Barjasic , Mohammad Adil , Alex Merry
12B- Parallel B in Meeting HallWomen Finding Their Entrepreneurial MojoPat Duckworth (M), Brittany Garth , Tulia Lopes, Nandini Basu Phookan
12C- Round Table CTurning Contacts into RelationshipsDr. Dayo Olomu (M) , Michele Attias
12D- Round Table DRevolutionize: The Importance of Purpose – Potential – Brand for SuccessNatalie Forest , Ruchi Aggarwal , Sheun Oke
12:00Noon – 12:15pmTea Break
12:15pm – 01:15pm13- PlenaryHow Women will Save the Planet: Equality = SustainabilityRhian Sherrington , Namrata Dhingra , Cristiane Ferraz Prade, Ranju Alex , Jeevan Ravindran , Manjit K. Gill
13A- ParallelRole of Corporate Sector, CSR & the Consumer in Creating a Better WorldTeresa Wickham , Olga Frankow , Anna Hagemann Rise , Jenny Dawson
13B- ParallelFighting Female Physical & Emotional AbuseDr. Karen Johnson,Emilia Madondo , Anila Hussain , Rita Ese Edah
13C- Round Table CHow to Thrive in a World of Continuous DisruptionMireille Toulekima , Caroline Makaka , Kavitha Chahel
13D- Round Table DKey Elements of Entrepreneurial Treasure by Spiral of SuccessDarja Zorko Mencin , Elliot Kay ,
01:15pm – 02:15pmLunch break
02:15pm – 03:15pm14- PlenaryRoutes of Access: Higher Education, Entrepreneurship and Public Life

Natalie Au , Dr. Daphne Grace , Sarosh Zaiwalla , Shirin Shah (M) , Dr. Lalit Sodha

14A- ParallelWomen Entrepreneurship in the Small Medium Enterprises (SME)Raga D’silva , Jill McCulloch , Deborah Jay Kelly , Kamu Palan , Jesmin Sorab
14B- ParallelWomen In Entrepreneurship: Take Control of Your Finances & Fear of FailaureTalitha Batts , Dr. Isaura Gonzalez , Hannah Xu , Maggie Webber
14C- Round Table CHow to Break the Glass Ceiling? It’s an Inside Job!Rita Ese Edah (M) , Olebogeng Tefo Sentsho , Anna Koukkides-procopiou , Kate Anolue
14D- Round Table DThe Science of Happiness: Positive Psychology Research and ToolsOumaya Belakbil , Hina Pancholi, Soni Makeovers , Natercia Rodrigues-Lopes
03:15pm – 04:15pm15- PlenaryMeeting the Challenge of leadership for Fostering Innovation, Creativity, CollaborationNadia Wassef , Marina Tognetti , Natalie Forest , Annik Petrou , Praveen Pandey , Reena Ranger , Helen Roberts, Sanchayita Goswami
15A- ParallelThe Power of Education to Make a Positive Change to our WorldDr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu Mehreen Baig (M) , Angeliki Yiassemides , Maria Epaminonda , Dr. Priya Virmani
15B- ParallelEqual Opportunities for all Communities and UnderprivilegedDr. Elizabeth Lwanda Rutsate , Maureen Mbondiah Mandipaza , Ella Vine , Parmi Dheensa
15C- Round Table CGetting Things done: Shifting the Mind set from Time Management to Energy ManagementPatty Cruz Fouchard, Rugie Wurie Lamin , Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel
15D- Round Table DDefying StereotypesNazia Khatun , Jayde Tynes
04:15pm – 04:30pmTea Break
04:30pm – 05:30pm16- PlenaryUK – Meeting the challenge of Holistic Lifestyle and Health Living – Issues of Pollution, Climate Change, Water, WasteGulrukh Khan , Theresa Webb , Lola Perrin , Mahvash Siddiqui , Henriett Tunyogi , Harshadbhai Patel
16A- ParallelCan we Learn InnovationShruti Sugwekar , Rehana Ameer (M) , Jackie Naghten , Manjit K. Gill
16B- ParallelDeveloping Cross Culture Bonds, Understanding and CaringVeroan Swera Vethanayagam , Caroline Amoros , Yasmina Azhari , Ronia Virginia
16C- Round Table CChange ResilienceTumi Frazier , Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry
16D- Round Table DA New Paradigm: Raising Consciousness with an Understanding of the Mind Chetna Bhatt, Hema Vyas , Padma Shankar Coram
05:30pm – 06:30pm17- PlenaryUK – Promoting Women’s Leadership in all Aspects of Society and BusinessBea Benkova , Shalini Agarwal , Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu , Tamara Medina Sapovalova , Lucy Chamberlain , Shuba Rao , Imambay Kadie Kamara , Sheun Oke , Sukai Ceesay
17A- ParallelCreating an Inspired Ecosystem to Foster Entrepreneurship through Training, Coaching and MentoringCharlene Laidley , Cecilia Sithembile Silundika , Jeanette Senkondo, Carmen Fazia Bakas
17B- ParallelThe Power of Language – How you Convince Anyone of Anything (Almost) Every Time.Monique Blokzyl , Georgia Varjas , Vibeke Foss , Dr. Richard Sherry
17C- Round Table CUnique Challenges Faced by 1st Generation Migrant Women and How to Tackle ThemPoonam Joshi , Geetha Morla , Rashmi Bhaskar Mukherjee
17D- Round Table DSwiss Politics: Swiss DemocracySylvie Ruffieux Guignard
06:30pm – 07:30pm18- PlenaryALL WEF awards Presentation to ” Women of the Decade & Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for all”

Day-2, Wednesday, 1st February

09:00am – 10:00amRegistration & networking tea
10:00am – 11:00am21- PlenaryWay Forward for UK Post Brexit- Increasing Inclusiveness Especially Addressing the Untapped Potential of its
11:00am – 12Noon22- PlenaryPersonal development (Mindfulness and New Paradigm Business Approaches)Abby McDonald , Sue Curr , Lisa Berkovitz , Emanuela Palazzani , Chetna Bhatt , Dorothy Martin
22A- ParallelDiversity as gender dividing issue kate Anolue , Geetanjali Bhalla ,
22B- ParallelUnleashing You Power Within to be a Warrior in Business and LifeBershan Shaw , Barbara Cox , Rachanaa Jain , Anita Heidema , Winnie Sher
22C- Round Table CInnovative WellnessPraveen pandey , Sandra Donskyte
22D- Round Table DWomen Being the Gatekeepers of Food into the Home – a Position of Power Often OverlookedSamantha Waterhouse ,
12Noon – 12:15pm23- PlenaryPerformance by 3 Artists (5 min each)Nishi Joshi Bhatt
23A- ParallelHow to Use the Healing Power of Listening in Business & RelationshipsFrans Reichardt
23B- ParallelCritical Issues and Challenges to Focus on and Support
23C- Round Table CEffective Ways of Achieving Better Work-Life BalanceZlatomira Rutter
23D- Round Table DThe Mentuccia Method – How to ThriveZoe Swan
12:15pm – 1:15pm24- PlenaryHow Women in Entertainment and Media can Impact ChangeRebeca Riofrio , Elvijs Pujis , Mirela Sula , Gulrukh Khan , Tsitsi Bolambo , Gul Greenslade , Dr. Pauline Long , Poonam joshi
24A- ParallelSuccessful Transitions: How to Flourish not Flounder Through ChangeRhian Sherrington , Mala Shah , Kitty Waters , Mina Velani
24B- ParallelYouth and Social Media Priv Mudada , Cleo Forstater ,
24C- Round Table CInner Peace, the Very Essence of SuccessSasi Rekha Rajan , Anna Åberg
24D- Round Table DWhy Unlearning is Key to Unlocking our Inner PowerYasmin Autwal
01:15pm – 02:15pmLunch
2:15pm – 3:15pm25- PlenaryArt of Holistic Well Being -Ayurveda, Yoga, Aromatherapy and Women’s Health Ashish Paul , Dr. Seema Datta , Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra , Maggie Webber , Meeta Joshi , Gloria Halim
25A- ParallelHow to Adopt a Holistic MindsetDr.Kruti Parekh , Kathy Gruver , Phil Steele , Lone Sorensen
25B- ParallelWomen, Poverty, and Human RightsDiana Skelton , Angela Babb , Carrie Supple , Dr. Meera Tiwari , Valentine Nkoyo , Santosh Dass
25C- Round Table CBusiness and Spirituality, Understanding Your Divine Life MissionTeresita Lopez Pulido , Gema Ramirez , Heleniq Argyrou
25D- Round Table DThe Art of BeinghumanGaynor O’Flynn , Cathy Guo
3:15pm – 4:15pm26- PlenaryThe force of Social Media: does it Help or Hinder Connection ?Suhail Chughtai, Suniya Qureshi , Lucresia Guel , Sasha Seenko , Yasmin Autwal , Vidhya Nagendran , Monique Blokzyl , Sangeeta Thakral
26A- ParallelRise of the Feminine and the Path of PeaceSandra Marie Humby , Viola Edward , Anna Christina , Moni Rodriguez
26B- ParallelHow Writing and the Arts Empowers Women in a Digital WorldChayya Syal, Epi Mabika , Inka Linda Sarvi , Getrude Matshe , Prerna Lau Sian
26C- Round Table CFinding Your Purpose in LifeRohini Rathour , Parmi Dheensa , Zlatomira Rutter, Jessica Ball
26D- Round Table DIt’s Time to Thrive Being Who You AreConnie-Lee Bennett
4:15pm – 4:30pm27- PlenaryDance PerformanceParvati Nair
27A- ParallelHow Women can be Graciously Ambitious Without Sabotaging Their CareerAji R Michael
27B- ParallelKeys to Awakening Your Inherent PowerSmita Joshi
27C- Round Table CThe Gift of YouDorothy Martin
27D- Round Table DTurning Your passion into Significant ContributionMichelle Dutro , Rena Amin
04:30pm – 04:45pmTea break with snacks
04:45pm – 5:45pm28- PlenaryBrexit and the Future for Youth Priya Virmani (M) , Hallelujah Lulie , Kwame Boateng Sekyere , Zohra ebrahimi , Viraj Nitinkumar Rajdev , Nur Turkmani , Sapan Maini
28A- ParallelPower of Diversity to Mobilise Leadership and Empowering in Difficult timesWambui Njau , Kaltun Abdillahi , Harriet Khataba
28B- ParallelSharing Entrepreneurial Success StoriesNadia Wassef , Reena Ranger , Lucia Lucka Klansek , Sheeza Ahmad Shah
28C- Round Table CThe Power of AuthenticityDr. Priya Virmani , Shay Allie , Meeta Joshi
28D- Round Table DBuilding Sustainable Relationships and CommunitiesAlka Talwar ,
05:45pm – 6:45pm29- PlenaryIntegrating the world: Fresh perspective

Day-3, Thursday, 2nd February

09:00am – 10:00amRegistration & Networking tea
10:00am – 11:00am31- PlenaryDealing with Diverse Issues and Challenges that Surround Women, Especially Immigrants and MinoritiesCharlene Laidley , Saurav Dutt , Adele Brimâge , Ruth Mutanda , Izabela Witek-Zurek, Nicaise Ishimwe , Yetunde Adeshile , Rani Kaur Malik , Kate Anolue
11:00am – 12Noon32- PlenaryOvercoming Trust Deficit: Ethnic and Religious Diversity and Building BridgeDr. Amer Mukhtar , Taha Coburn-Kutay , Yasmina Azhari , Geetha Morla , Margaret Keverian Ali
32A- ParallelEmpowering Women by Empowering MenSayeeda Ashraf , Kyla D. Pruitt , Clare Richmond
32B- ParallelMastering Your FearDavid Saville , Mary White , Elliot Kay
32C- Round Table CSelf-trust as the Root of Confidence and Success for Women in Every Area of their LivesHarriet Waley-Cohen , Michelle Catanach , Hannilee Fish
32D- Round Table DBeing a Nice Girl is Sabotaging Your CareerBeverley Bramwell
12Noon – 01:00pm33- PlenaryHealthy Living with Food and Nutrition: Reduce Sugar Consumption, Especially Among the Youth Barbara Cox , Lia Sokhi , Anita Heidema , Shuba Rao , Beatrice Nere , Dr. Lalit Sodha
33A- ParallelEnhancing the Participation of Girls and Women in STEM Through Gender Sensitive Career GuidanceStalo Lesta , Nolwenn Germain , Yetunde Adeshile , Nicaise Ishimwe
33B- ParallelEnding FGM: Way Ahead
Izabela Witek-Zurek
, Dorcas Olayemi , Rohma Ullah
33C- Round Table CCommunity and Lionism ServicesSandhya Gandecha , Caroline Makaka
33D- Round Table DHow To Thrive in Your Soul’s MissionLisa Berkovitz , Caroline Sakura Douglas
01:00pm – 01:15pm34- PlenaryPerformance by 3 artists (5 Min Each)Leilani Franco
34A- ParallelHow to Network EffectivelyKenisha McIntosh
34B- ParallelBeauty and wellnessGabriella Guglielminotti Trivel
34C- Round Table CThe Rise of the Feminine – A New Way of Doing Business’Roz Thornton
34D- Round Table DWomen in Management and Executive Leadership – How to Take Charge and Lead in Corporate and Government ?Oladunni Owo
01:15pm – 02:15pmLunch
02:15pm – 03:15pm35- PlenaryReinventing the World of Stardom, Luxury, Fashion and Beauty Savita Kaye , Faz Zia ,
Rohini Iyer , Jesmin Sorab , Kamu Palan , Ilona Shariga , Silvia Hill , Saule Kauneckaite
35A- ParallelUnleasing the Power within Feminine Approaches in International Economic Law and Business LifeLara Waldman
35B- ParallelThe Power of Education to Change our World. What Needs to be DoneJieun Woo , Julia Bwoma , Mossarat Qadeem , Soraya Bowen , Donia Narh
35C- Round Table CWomen in FinanceSpriha Srivastava , Oladunni Owo , Riddhi Prasad
35D- Round Table DBusiness Strategy through Realistic Goal Setting Zoe Bennett , Anna Åberg
03:15pm – 04:15pm36- PlenaryBusiness Beyond Bias and BrandingKeren Lerner , Zoe Bennett , Vee Roberts , Rohini Iyer
36A- ParallelVolunteering in a refugee crisis and being open while addressing threats of terror and securityBenjamin Western ,
36B- ParallelMigrant Entrepreneurship- the British DimensionDr. Christopher Johnson , Julliet Makhapila
36C- Round Table CLet Go of Your Masks – Being The Real You at WorkWinnie Sher , Ranju Alex
36D- Round Table DEmbracing Heritage: Translating Culture into Contemporary Design Aska Kolton
04:15pm – 04:30pmTea
04:30pm – 05:30pm37- PlenaryArt and Media as a Way of Shifting Consciousness Regarding WomenDr. Joynicole Martinez , Dr. Desiree Saddik , Lara Khalaf , Marina Nani
37A- ParallelOwning the Narrative , Education and ParentingKhadijatu Mansaray , Jeni Powell , Hannah Havas , Idda Olagbaiye
37B- ParallelA.I.M (Awareness – Intention – Manifest ) to Find Your WHY ! and Gender equalityCheryl Chapman
37C- Round Table C The Healing Power Of Sound , Music , Dance and the Creative artsCherub Sanson
37D- Round Table DBeyond Surviving: Living Amazingly Even After Major Physical Abuse and ViolenceEmily Jacob , Pinar Ontas , Razia Hamid
05:30pm – 07:00pm38- Valedictory SessionWomen in Leadership Roles-the Harbingers of Change